something for the fortysomethings

Following successful trials in other European counties Dove Men+Care (no, I don’t really get the name either) hits Britain with an interesting proposition – to bring ‘skin comfort’ to the over 40s.

Unilever’s big launch this year, it comes on the back of research showing that men reckon their current body washes just don’t care for their skin. Methinks the company have had to paraphrase that response somewhat. I mean, can you imagine two guys down the gym with one saying to the other: “Blimey, this shower gel I’m using is rubbish. It really doesn’t care for my skin!”? More plausibly, the research shows that men don’t much care for products that give them dry skin.

But as nice a concept as it is, for me the targeting of Dove Men+Care (and as a journalist I already hate typing that silly + thingy) is less about meeting a genuine need, even if our skin does become drier as we age, than it is about identifying an obvious gap in the market (Lynx has the younger end sewn up) and exploiting it for all it’s worth.

Of course, what men think of it is irrelevant really because I very much suspect that it’s going to be women who will be buying it for their partners rather than the men buying it for themselves anyway. I can count the number of men who ‘care’ about their skin in a sensitive, loving way on one finger, let alone one hand. And calling one of the shower gel variants ‘Clean Comfort’ (that’s a soap powder name surely?) is way off the mark if you ask me.  But hey, I’m here to be proved wrong…..

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