The Grooming Guru is a blog dedicated to the grooming challenges faced by men in (or approaching) mid life, although guys of any age will find it useful.

I first started blogging about male grooming way back in 2009  but when I came to refresh The Grooming Guru in 2020 I realised that (a) I was a lot older and wiser now and (b) men in their fifties, like me, are woefully under-represented in the grooming industry and online.

After all, there are plenty of  twenty or thirty-something bloggers, Instagrammers and Influencers writing about style and grooming out there, but few representing the needs, concerns and interests of the man navigating middle age. Hence The Grooming Guru version 2.0 –  an older, wiser, more focused version of the original blog but one that’s hopefully just as informative and just as much fun to read. Think grown-up grooming advice for the man in the prime of his (mid) life!

About me 

One of the UK’s best known and most experienced grooming experts, I’ve been writing about the subject for over 20 years and have very much grown as the grooming industry has grown. A former magazine editor and award-winning journalist, I’ve held the position of Grooming Editor on several titles and have written for numerous print and online publications, including Men’s Health, The Telegraph, Marie Claire, Mr Porter, Ape To Gentleman, Modern Barber, Country Life and Gentleman’s Journal, and also work with some of the world’s leading grooming brands and PR agencies in a consultancy capacity. For more info about my career see the Journalism, Consultancy and Copywriting sections of this blog.

You can contact me via the form below.

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