Azzaro Wanted – seriously, what were they thinking?

Azzaro Wanted-1Oh deary, deary me. Let’s talk about Azzaro’s new Wanted fragrance for a moment shall we? The one in the bottle that looks like a fully-loaded gun chamber. Now, the six-shooter bottle design for this fragrance, regardless of bad timing in light of the tragic events in Orlando, is a quite spectacular exercise in clichéd, one-dimensional and outdated hyper-mascuine thinking. I used to think that Davidoff’s The Game, with its casino chip flacon, was terminally naff but this takes things to a whole new level – and a subterranean one at that. Presumably the thinking behind it is that a. men absolutely love guns and b. guns are sexy and street and therefore customers will think the fragrance is masculine and, like, really, really cool.

You can just see the design meeting now: “Right guys, we need an eye-catching bottle – something like Paco Rabanne’s Invictus or that Gaultier one with the massive bulge. What screams ‘men’ then? How about a football? Or a motorbike? Or a big, clunking fist? Oh, no, Diesel did the fist. Wait a minute. I know – how about a gun? What’s more masculine than a gun? It’s cowboy; it’s gangsta; it’s Bond; it’s NRA and man-on-a-rampage. But mostly it’s Bond. Especially if we make it sleek, shiny and gold. What better vessel for our killer fragrance than a killer bottle?”

Well, I’m afraid Azzaro have shot themselves in the foot here (sorry) and I suspect they know this too since the bottle description on their website is a masterclass in obscurification. Avoiding the ‘G’ word altogether and with not a passing mention of bullets the bottle is instead “elegant and precious, with a stunning rugged, mechanical look” (it’s a gun folks) and “a  symbol of freedom and virility” (still a gun). Most bizarrely, it’s also “an embodiment of extreme masculinity tinged with the nostalgia of childhood”. Now, unless your dad was the Son of Sam I’m not entirely sure what childhood nostalgia it’s referring to here but no matter, the bottom line is that, in 2016, Azzaro’s  firearm-inspired Wanted is, to put it bluntly, anything but.

22 thoughts on “Azzaro Wanted – seriously, what were they thinking?

    1. Winner really its time ti change tack? I have the Azarro fragrance smells strong your take is your opinion without all the drama this fragrance is subtle yet a good pick me up. Granted design wise not so good overall something which your gf might get attracted to.

  1. I love your commentary on the bottle. It’s absolutely hilarious but I wonder if I should be crying instead. It’s just sad for such a big brand to be so much out of touch.

    Have you smelled the actual fragrance? What do you think of it?

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  3. Winner really its time ti change tack? I have the Azarro fragrance smells strong your take is your opinion without all the drama this fragrance is subtle yet a good pick me up. Granted design wise not so good overall something which your gf might get attracted to.

  4. Paula

    I actually like the bottle. I think it looks sharp and it actually smells really nice. I’m just looking to pay less than 92 bucks since it’s a gift that potentially could go unused.

  5. Damian

    Are we here to review the scent or stare at the bottle? By the way, its a gun barrel, not an actual gun. If you see a car motor sitting on the ground is it a car? I like this scent and i think the hype surrounding the bottle is for drama lovers!

    1. I’m here to give my opinion on the products – whether that’s the scent, the packaging or the campaign. I guess how someone feels about the bottle largely depends on how they feel about guns though. It is clearly impossible to look at it without thinking of an actual gun.
      At the end of the day it’s just an opinion and I’m pleased it’s one that prompted you to respond with your own.

      1. I am so glad you wrote this. Never been on your pages but I saw a pop-up for the fragrance somewhere and couldn’t quite believe it. Had to see if someone had shamed them out there. Cheers to you. Wish you were not alone! In some ways featuring the bullets so prominently is even more vile to me. How can one not make an association…

  6. Guns r cool

    I actually love the bottle but hate the scent. I am a gun owner though so I guess you can’t expect me not to like the design because it’s fantastic.

  7. Pietro

    It’s a revolver cylinder bottle…..So scary, Geez, Seriously, My pops isn’t the Son of Sam and grew up around firearms, I love the bottle, Now to head to the store and see if the fragrance appeals to me as much as the bottle does. Molon Labe

    1. MOEMOE

      Flashnews, parfume bottle capable of giving libertards a PTSD.

      Good luck with those “multi-cultural enrichment” ya’ll.

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  9. Joseph Bullaro

    What a Jackass! The bottle is cool but if it doesn’t smell good no one will buy it. And Bond used a PPK semi auto dumb ass.

  10. I think the bottle matches the scent! Its a very manly old timey scent. How better to say that than a chrome revolver. The liberal who wrote this needs to go back to his mommy and ask her to finally give him his balls! I sprayed this on in the store earlier today and i cant get enough of it!!! Been 8 hours and i keep smelling it. i received several compliments today while out shopping on the scent as well. Azzaro nailed this scent and the design of the bottle! It describes the scent without words.

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