That was the year that was

Apologies for the lack of posts of late but The Grooming Guru was taking a break, enjoying the snow and finalising a few big plans for 2010. But I’m back and blogging now, so before I start my usual musings on the world of male grooming I thought I’d quickly name and shame my favourite and least favourite products of 2009.

Personally, I found last year a bit uninspiring when it came to new launches. Maybe the recession pushed everyone away from spectacular innovations, interesting NPD or  – God forbid! –  maybe the market is finally running out of steam?

Anyway, my favourite fragrance launch of the year was Tom Ford’s excellent Grey Vetiver which was head and shoulders above anything else that emerged in 2009. The man is so bloody talented at everything he touches (fashion, film-making, acting, fragrances) it’s infuriating but boy, does he deliver. Grey Vetiver is everything a men’s fragrance should be – complex, sensual, dynamic and ferociously masculine.

My favourie skincare product of the year was Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer. Shocking name, for sure,  but fantastic product that’s like Photoshop in a tube, instantly improving the look of your skin by smoothing out imperfections, closing pores and absorbing excess oil. It’s a pocket-sized must-have no man should be without.

My final choice of the good stuff is the RazorPit, a little gadget from Denmark which must annoy the hell out of blade manufacturers across the globe since its premise is simply to increase the life of your razor. I must say, I was skeptical at first but trust me, it does actually work. In fact, it promises to stretch the average blade to 150 shaves. And in these penny-pinching times, that’s a sound investment for any man.

And what products have left me cold this year? Well, top of the list was Lacoste Challenge (a fragrance where the only challenge was finding something nice to say about it) and Kylie’s ladyboy extravaganza, Inverse For Men.  And then there was Natural Skincare range Osmium where some of the products were so malodorous they made me want to bathe in pure sodium lauryl sulphate. But I’m getting bitchy now so must sign off.  Next up, this year’s big trend….

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