Armani unveils Ronaldo campaign

Having exploited the torsos of some of the world’s best looking sportsmen over the years (including our very own Becks) Giorgio Armani have just unveiled this image of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for their new jeans campaign. Given his penchant for sunbathing it’s probably just as well it’s in black and white or he’d be the Oompa Loompa of advertising. It’s actually a fab pic, spolit only by the appearance of a rather overworked eyebrow – the like of which I’ve not seen since Joan Crawford graced the screen in Mildred Pierce.

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One thought on “Armani unveils Ronaldo campaign

  1. Poor Ronaldo! A terribly handsome guy with no class at all. Your post reminded me of Chanel, who made of Romy Schneider an elegant Parisienne out of the “healthy little dumpling.” Needless to say it, Romy was intelligent and Visconti was behind her…
    Great blog!

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