Grooming Guru Essentials: Diptyque’s L’Eau Trois

Each year, when it gets to December I like to bring out my ‘winter’ fragrances – the ones that provide something of an olfactory comfort blanket on these cold, long nights. And what do I reach for? Well, this wonderfully aromatic Diptyque fragrance for starters.

Bursting with the scent of myrtle, oregano, laurel, thyme and rosemary, along with pine and myrrh it has a distrinctly Old World (and I mean Biblical Old World) feel to it. It’s meant to smell like a balmy mediterranean breeze I believe but to me it smells of churches. Of musty, old churches. Of religion, creaky old pews and of genuflection. And if I’m honest I find it strangely sexy. There, I’ve said it.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, for sure, but for me, this wonderfully evocative fragrance (which is harder to find than a dead sea scroll thesedays) is a near religious experience. Yes, yes, that religious metaphor has been stretched to breaking point I know, so I’ll finish by simply saying track some down and enjoy!

Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

3 thoughts on “Grooming Guru Essentials: Diptyque’s L’Eau Trois

  1. L’eau Trois has been around for years. It was only the third fragrance introduced by Diptyque (hence the name). I was once put off the idea of it by a sales assistant who described it as “the smell of a poor curry”, and I never explored further. So many thanks, Lee, for rekindling my interest. I’ve just ordered a bottle from the Diptyque shop in London, which seems to be the only place in Britain where it’s now obtainable.

    1. Oh lord! The smell of a bad curry?! That’s not my impression of it I must say but I guess everyone will see it differently! Yes, it was launched back in 1975 I think and was indeed their third fragrance. I’m worried now you’ll be knocking my door down if you hate it! lol

  2. I’m wearing L’eau Trois for the first time today, and I like it. I like it lots. You’d think from the list of components that it would be a herbal type of fragrance, but it’s spicy. Perhaps that’s what led some-one to describe it to me as “curry”. You’re right, Lee – it has something of the character of incense, and the church metaphors are spot-on. A very good Winter fragrance, as you say, and it’ll last me nicely through the festive season. Thanks again.

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