Matt Cardle: a slight case of over-grooming?

I’m sorry but I feel utterly compelled to comment on X-Factor finalist Matt Cardle’s transformation from good-looking painter-decorator with a great voice to over-preened, tangerine monster. This is a shot of  him getting ready for the show with a last-minute pluck and paint. But really, what show is he getting ready for? RuPaul’s Drag Race?  So men – if you’re listening take my sage advice: plucked eyebrows and spray tans are best left to the ladies. And those wanting to be ladies of course…

X Factor’s Olly talks male grooming

olly copyHeavily sponsored by L’Oreal, one of my favourite X-Factor contestants, Olly Murs, has been talking male grooming this week. Imagine, my disappointment, though, as he confesses that his grooming routine stretches no further than “having a toilet, a shower and applying an anti-perspirant”.


But before you leap to his defence, declaring how he represents the average bloke in street’s attitude to male grooming, I’d like to pint out that he’s not quite like Mr Average. After all, his biggest grooming faux pas isn’t forgetting to apply moisturiser but forgetting to take his make up off before going to bed. Bless.


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