Lacoste’s Limited Edition L.12.12. fragrance hits the right spot

lacosteSince my favourite sporting event, Wimbledon, is almost upon us, now seems like the perfect time for me to mention the special limited edition version of Lacoste’s Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc fragrance. Although the fragrances in the ever-expanding L.12.12 range have always referenced the famous Lacoste polo shirt in the packaging this is the first time that the tennis association has really been referenced overtly, with the clean, white packaging brought to life with touches of eye-catching tennis ball yellow. I’ve always loved the understated simplicity of both the bottles and the boxes that house the L.12.12 fragrances and, unlike many limited editions, the changes in this particular edition only serve (if you’ll excuse the pun) to make it look even better.

Garnier at Wimbledon – a good call

garnier 1Reluctant as I am to admit it, one of my favourite activities during Wimbledon (apart from giggling at the the ubiquitous grunting) is spotting something almost as British as the overpriced Pimms (£6.30 a glass this year)  – the sunburn. What is it with us Brits? Why are we so incapable of doing the decent thing and slapping on the sunscreen?

Yesterday while I killed time before the Andy Murry match on Centre Court I spotted all manner of summer skin disasters – burnt shoulders, charred toes, fried foreheads and  peculiar ‘peep-hole’ burns cause by women forgetting they had dresses on with cut-outs on the back.



garnier-2-1Being of Celtic complexion I made sure I was fully factored up before I left the house but it was comforting to see that Garnier’s life-saving  Ambre Solaire girls were on hand to dish out free protection to anyone in need (they even gave me a quick top up with some Clear Protect Spray). Of course, it’s easy to see their presence as a cynical marketing excercise but there was no hard sell or aggressive sales patter, just a friendly smile, some useful  advice on sun protection and a free spray to make sure you didn’t end up the colour of a Wimbledon  strawberry. All-in-all a good call from Garnier and one which may, without being over dramatic,  even save a few lives.  


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