Grooming Guru Essentials: Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser

vitaman-face--body-cleanser-250mlSometimes you don’t need to say much more about a product than “I love it” to get your point across. And I love Vitaman’s Face & Body Cleanser. I’ve only recently started using it’s already a firm favourite of mine, mainly for the wonderfully fresh way it smells. The key ingredient, it turns out, is lemon myrtle oil – derived from a plant that grows in the Austalian rainforests and used by indigenous Australians for both cooking and healing. It smells a bit like the lemon balm I grow in my garden which is probably why I love it and it certainly makes a refreshing alternative to straight-forward citrus body washes. The cleanser itself doesn’t leave skin dry and tight either. Recommended.

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Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

G’day! It’s Australia Day! So here’s some grooming gear from Down Under

products_5_shaving-essentials-kit_0Since it’s Australia Day today I  thought I’d do a little post today about a couple of my favourite Aussie grooming brands. Eyre BioBotantics is a premium brand I’ve loved for years (I interviewed its founder Stephen Damiani shortly after it was founded in the mid noughties) and it has been something of a pioneer in terms of organic grooming. Having achieved Australian Certified Organic certification the ingredients certainly come to you as nature intended.

I especially like their twin-chamber delivery system products which contain two separate products in one one tube. If you want a good introduction to this fantastic brand try their Shaving Essentials Kit above, available from

VITAMAN-DISCOVERY-PACK-2Also worth checking out is Vitaman, which launched back in 1999 and prides itself on using ingredients like eucalyptus which are native to Australia, and in not using synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances, which are native to nowhere!

The Body Discovery Pack (above), available from, serves as a good taster and inlcudes one of my favourite Vitaman products – their exfoliating bar, which is minimally scented but great for keeping your bod free of dead skin cells. I especially love the full-sized version which is fantastically chunky.

Anyway, both ranges are well worth investigating and are proof that Kylie, koalas and Kath & Kim aren’t the only great things Australia has given the world.