Brut is ‘The King’ of men’s fragrances

Let’s face it, few things in life are more disappointing than discovering something truly awful about one of your heroes. I, for example,  still haven’t recovered from the teenage discovery that Gary Numan was a Tory (and  was truly done in when Duran Duran professed a similar political allegiance). So you can imagine my utter horror when a press release from Brut popped into my inbox claiming that the uber-naff fragrance was favoured by none other than The King himself.

Mind you, the release does say that Elvis splashed it all over to cover the smell of sweat on his hard-to-wash be-jeweled stage suits. Which is hardly an endorsement. I mean, some of the stuff I get to sample ends up sprayed on my radiators but I don’t shout about it.  Still, at the end of the day I suppose it’s better to smell like The King than to smell like a queen. Fans of Thierry Mugler’s A* Men take note.

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Poster boy Cameron not quite as groomed for success as he might think!

Poor old David Cameron. Your advertising agency comes up with a nifty poster campaign to sell ‘Brand Cameron’ as the face of modern British conservatism and it backfires spectacularly when everyone starts ripping the piss out of how much you’ve been airbrushed. Cue thousands of spoof posters. Here are a few of my favouries with a male grooming slant.

If you fancy having a go at creating your own, you can download a template here.

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