Thierry Mugler Pure Shot: a leap in the right direction

If you follow my musings regularly you’ll know that I rarely pull my punches when it comes to fragrance reviews. So I’ll tell you upfront – I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Thierry Mugler‘s fragrances, apart from Cologne which I do like and wear. Though iconic, I find A*Men way too sweet and sickly, though I respect its distinctiveness hugely. 

So I can’t say I was expecting much from A*Men Pure Shot, Mugler’s latest fragrance, coyly marketed as a sports fragrance without actually using the term itself. As it turns out I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Mugler’s fragrances have always been inspired by superheroes but the inspiration for this one – a fresh, spicy fragrance with mint, juniper, white pepper and patchouli – came from a real life one: Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius.

It’s quite unlike any other of the A*Men fragrances which is possibly why I like it.  I’m still not sure I could wear it myself but it’s much more interesting than most of the dross out there so next time you’re near a department store do pop in and give it a shot (sorry!).

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Shot, £48 for 100ml eau de toilette.For stockists call 020 7307 6700

Spice up your life!

Thierry Mugler’s A*Men fragrance is one of those classic polarising scents. You either love it or run screaming like you’ve been the victim of a gas attack. Personally, I’ve always been somewhat in the latter camp. It’s way too sweet and sickly for me but I know loads of people who love it and do you know what? At least it’s distinctive – a rare and underestimated quality for men’s fragrances these days (check out Hugo’s rather ironically named Just Different if you want proof).

Anyway, fans of A*Men might want to check out Mugler’s new limited edition version A*Men The Taste of Fragrance – a version ‘magnified’ with the addition of a hot chili pepper note. The lavish press kit is full of nonsense about the foody inspiration behind it but all you really need to know is that the familiar, sweet, vanillary fragrance is still there but has been pimped up with the peppers.

I have to say this works remarkably well, adding a spicy and earthy edge to things, giving it a slightly more masculine feel in the process. Fear not, if you like your scents strong it’s still powerful enough to be classed as a WDM, but  is far less likely to scare old ladies and children. And what  more can I say other than Amen for that?

The Limited Edition A*Men is priced £50 for 100 ml non-refillable EDT