Brad Pitt for Chanel No5? Eau deary me

We all know that parody is the mark of a good ad. Or a truly bad one. And if you want proof just look at all the youtube parodies of the Brad-Pitt-for Chanel-No5 ad that have sprung up. I can’t quite find a gangnam style one yet (one must surely be in the pipeline) but there are plenty of others to keep you entertained.

It’s difficult to know how Chanel feel about this. On the one hand, the much-mocked ramblings of Mr Pitt have got everyone talking (even more than the snoresome story of a man fronting a women’s perfume). More importantly, they’ve got everyone talking about Chanel No5  – a fragrance I’ve seen women hate in blind tests but love when they know it’s Chanel No5. On the other hand, everyone is openly mocking a revered brand that once stood for style and sophistication. Anyway, I certainly don’t have the energy or inclination to form an opinion on it. In the meantime, though, here’s one of my favourite spoofs. Admittedly, nothing quite matches the absurdity of the original ad but it made me chuckle anyway…

What next for celebrity fragrances?

With Tulisa from X-Factor launching her first fragrance The Female Boss tomorrow (expect a few bum notes there) it’s tempting to imagine what other celebrity scents might be lurking around the corner.

What next? Dappy’s Dong – a somewhat limp, overexposed fragrance nobody wants to go near? Lady Gaga’s Insufferable Pretentiousness*? Or Lindsay Lohan’s refreshingly cool scent  Midnight Morgue maybe? Or, hey, how about Gary Barlow’s long-awaited signature scent I Am Beige? Answers on a postcard please. Or in the comments section if you can be bothered.

* Created by the House of Marley