Perfect your summer skincare

muradNow that the sun’s finally made an appearance it’s time to think about protecting your face from it a way you might not have done back in miserable old February. Finding a face product that contains a broad spectrum sunscreen but doesn’t leave a smelly, white residue can be easier said than done, though. With sun damage one of the main causes of premature ageing, however, factoring up on a daily basis is essential. So if you’re looking for something that’s going to make you look better right now as well as ten years down the line you might want to check out Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield. As well as mattifying skin (handy in the summer, given that heat can stimulate skin to produce oil) and ‘blurring’ surface imperfections so skin looks more even, it also packs an invisible, broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen. There’s no greasy residue (it leaves the skin supple but matte), no white sheen and the fragrance is minimal, making it just about the perfect product to throw in your work bag this summer.

Available now, priced £55 for 30ml. 


Don’t let sunburn be a pain in the neck!


Okay, since summer is here (sort of) I thought I may as well issue my annual sunburn warning. British men’s attitude to sun protection has improved immeasurably in recent times, which is just as well given that malignant melanoma is the sixth most common cancer in men and death rates from it are 70% higher in us than in women.

dermalogica spfWith all the will in the world, though, it’s all too easy to end up with a nasty dose of sunburn, especially as our unpredictable British weather means that you can leave the house in fog, lunch in sunshine and return home in pouring rain. And as you can see from the picture above it’s easy for people to get caught out unexpectedly. They guy in the pic is actually a friend of mine who slathered on the sunscreen for a one hour walk to work but forgot to protect one crucial bit – the back of his neck. It’s a part of the body that catches the sun easily so make sure that when you protect your face you always take your sunscreen around the back of your neck, into the nape and over the ears (another prime place for burning).

If you always want to be prepared, do as I do and carry a product like dermalogica’s Super Sensitive Shield SPF30, which is compact enough to fit in a bag or pocket, and  ensure you go under the line of your shirt or T-shirt so you’re still protected even if your clothing moves. Nivea’s Sun Kids Pocket Sized SPF 30 is handy to have at hand too. Bottom line is: always be prepared if you don’t want sunburn to be a  – literal – pain in the neck.