Fly the flag with some soap-on-a-rope!

Perhaps because of my age I’ve always been a huge fan of soap on a rope. There’s something deliciously Seventies Love-God about it. These days, however, they’re harder to come by than a competent plumber.

How about this whopper from Heathcoate & Ivory then? Weighing in at an impressive 300g (i.e big) it’s scented – but not overly so – with sweet basil, fennel, lime, bergamot and orange and hags beautifully on your shower knob. And just look at the patriotic packaging! What’s not to like?

Heathcote & Ivory’s Soap-On-a-Rope costs £7 and is available from

PS. To see more patriotic grooming gear for 2012 check out my ‘Flying The Flag’ Pinterest board here.

This week I am mostly loving…..

…Aubin & Wills’ bath and body range. I came across them yesterday while killing a  few minutes before a fragrance launch and absolutely love the wartime packaging and the trad fragrances used for the products (rose, lavender and nutmeg are a few). Especially good for men are the solid,  chunky, soaps (there’s even one on a  rope!).  Available on the menswear floor of Selfridges and online from

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