Shields up! Protect your skin this summer with FIT’s new Sun Protect Serum

unspecifiedFor men, the quest to find the perfect sunscreen isn’t always as straightforward as one might think. With our skin both oilier and hairier than women’s, the texture and stickiness of products if often a deciding ‘factor’ (if you’ll forgive the pun) in our choices; the ideal product being something that offers high SPF, broad-spectrum protection but which is lightweight, non-greasy and transparent on the skin. And

in terms of what men need from their suncare FIT Skincare‘s new Sun Protect Serum is a product that ticks every box.

FIT SUN PROTECT 2 (1)The first sunscreen serum created for men, it offers a broad spectrum, five star UVA rated, SPF 50 sunscreen to protect you from both the sun’s burning UVB rays and the UVA ones that age your skin; it leaves absolutely no greasy or unsightly white residue (if anything it leaves skin with a matte finish) and has a barely there fragrance that vanishes altogether after a couple of minutes. This last bit is a big bonus in my book since I’ve worn sun products in the past that smelt of everything from Digestive biscuits to – nightmarishly – curry powder. The scent of one I road-tested a couple of years ago mysteriously attracted so many flies I looked like Pig Pen from Peanuts!

FIT SUN PROTECT 2 (2)On top of these pluses FIT’s Sun Protect Serum uses cutting-edge ‘micro encapsulation technology’ that helps provide more evenly spread protection and also  contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and FIT’s unique OXY-FIT-10 oxygen delivery system – a few bonus features that help defend against the dehydrating and DNA-damaging effects of the sun. In terms of summer skincare it way well be your ultimate defence shield.

FIT Sun Protect Serum SPF50 is available now from

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Don’t let sunburn be a pain in the neck!


Okay, since summer is here (sort of) I thought I may as well issue my annual sunburn warning. British men’s attitude to sun protection has improved immeasurably in recent times, which is just as well given that malignant melanoma is the sixth most common cancer in men and death rates from it are 70% higher in us than in women.

dermalogica spfWith all the will in the world, though, it’s all too easy to end up with a nasty dose of sunburn, especially as our unpredictable British weather means that you can leave the house in fog, lunch in sunshine and return home in pouring rain. And as you can see from the picture above it’s easy for people to get caught out unexpectedly. They guy in the pic is actually a friend of mine who slathered on the sunscreen for a one hour walk to work but forgot to protect one crucial bit – the back of his neck. It’s a part of the body that catches the sun easily so make sure that when you protect your face you always take your sunscreen around the back of your neck, into the nape and over the ears (another prime place for burning).

If you always want to be prepared, do as I do and carry a product like dermalogica’s Super Sensitive Shield SPF30, which is compact enough to fit in a bag or pocket, and  ensure you go under the line of your shirt or T-shirt so you’re still protected even if your clothing moves. Nivea’s Sun Kids Pocket Sized SPF 30 is handy to have at hand too. Bottom line is: always be prepared if you don’t want sunburn to be a  – literal – pain in the neck.

Grooming Guru Essentials: SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50

I know the summer’s almost over but I just wanted to give a shout out to the one product that has loyally seen me through the sunshine we did have this year: SkinCeuticals’Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50. This high-performance mineral sunscreen has been an absolute godsend.

Since I have a fair, easily burnt Celtic complexion I’m uber-cautious about sunburn so always like to play safe with a high SPF. This lightweight liquid has been with me on beaches, picnics and impromptu hill walks throughout the summer and I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Absolutely nothing got through it and though I’ve tanned slightly, I never burnt once. It might be a mere 50mls in size but I’ve still got enough left for an Indian Summer and its dinkiness means I’ve always been able to finds a bag or pocket to store it. If you’ve still got hols in the pipeline don’t leave home without some.

Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50 is available from, priced £28 for 50ml

Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

Grooming Guru Essentials: Nivea Sun Pocket Size SPF30

Sometimes the very best grooming products aren’t the most expensive, coolest or most beautifully packaged. Sometimes they’re just simple, effective and functional. Very, occasionally, as in this case, they’re lifesavers.

The number of men dying from skin cancer has doubled in the last 30 years in the UK  partly, one suspects,  because we’re a bit crap at slathering on the sunscreen. There are times, of course, when even the most diligent of us gets caught out. After all, who carries a huge bottle of sun lotion with them everywhere?

This dinky 50 ml bottle of factor 30 suncream, then, is a godsend. Perfect for gym bags, work bags, car glove boxes and small enough for your trouser pocket when you pop out  at lunchtime, it’s my undisputed summer 2011 essential. Go buy!

Available now, priced £5.10

Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

insider interview: chris beastall, co-founder Niven & Joshua

As well as being one of  the nicest guys in the industry Chris Beastall has managed to make online grooming retailer Niven & Joshua, which he co-founded back in 2008, one of the coolest destinations for men seeking cutting-edge skincare, cult, quirky brands and a first-class service.

Catering for a discerning skincare customer it stocks cult brands like Anthony Logistics, Korres and Cowshed alongside exclusive ones like Japanese brand retaW. With a progressive nod to the future of male grooming you can also find acclaimed Australian brand Eyre, which focusses on organic ingredients, and (one of my fave brands) Bulldog Natural Grooming – one the the best ‘natural’ skincare brands out there.

I caught up with Chris recently to discover his views on male grooming, where the industry is heading and also get a glimpse into his own grooming routine…

GG: What do you think is the attraction to men of buying their grooming gear online?

CB: Prior to Niven & Joshua’s birth we considered opening male grooming salons in a selection of the UK’s most cosmopolitan cities. However, after much research from many sources, we learned that online was the way to go. The primary reason was anonymity, all the data pointed to the majority of men preferring to buy online and not have to face the intimidating, ill-informed sales assistants of department stores with their ailments and concerns.

The emergence of great blogs like The Grooming Guru and grooming guides such as those on Niven & Joshua means men can sit comfortably at their computer, learn, make an informed decision and then buy with the benefit of quick delivery from most e-retailers.

GG: Based on sales, what’s men’s biggest skincare issue would you say?

CB: The biggest skincare issue we see in terms of sales patterns are shaving related. Brands such as Taylor of Old Bond Street are extremely popular. Nearly every man shaves at some point in their life and most are shaving daily. The harsh effects of literally gliding a blade over your skin can easily be countered if you prepare with the right products.

GG: Favourite product you stock and why?

CB: My favourite product(s) would have to be any of the retaW Body Shampoos (shower gels). retaW is a Japanese brand we were absolutely blown away by when sampling it. The ingredients are all organic, highly concentrated and the scents, well, they must be tried to be truly appreciated.

GG: Best skincare tip you’ve come across?

CB: My best skincare tip would be to self-educate. Don’t fall for clever marketing, educate yourself in terms of your skin type and from there learn which products will work for you. We only take on brands we have tested, know work and would be happy to use ourselves.

GG: Desert Island grooming product?

CB: My recommended desert island grooming product would have to be a good quality moisturiser with SPF. It’s important to keep skin hydrated for many reasons and the added SPF is a bonus for warding of premature ageing of the skin and skin cancer.

GG: Who do you think is the ultimate grooming role model for men and why?

CB: I would have to say every man’s father. His toiletry selection was probably limited when you were growing up but he set the ball rolling in terms of intrigue and trial. It’s a cliche but I remember my father showing me how to shave for the first time, and sneaking in to his bathroom to spray on his green and gold bottled Ralph Lauren Polo fragrance.

GG: What are your favourite fragrances and why?

CB: There’s a small perfumery in Belgravia, London called Les Senteurs who offer a niche collection of the finest fragrances the world has to offer. In particular I am a big fan of Editions de Parfums by Frédéric Malle. The pick of the bunch would have to be Carnal Flower or Noir Epices, they are seemingly expensive for the size but one spray is all you need and the lasting scent is magnificent.

GG: How do you think the internet changed male grooming in the last few years?

CB: The internet has been a genuine blessing for the male grooming industry. Previously there was only a limited offering of basic male grooming products in supermarkets and chemists, agreeably there was more on offer at larger, higher-end stores but these being located in major cities made them inaccessible to most. Global accessibility is a major plus point of the internet, as well as anonymity when buying but also the plethora of information available on male grooming e-retailing sites and blogs means men can make informed decision before buying. Ultimately the aim is to look good to feel good, it’s not about vanity just taking care of yourself, being healthy and feeling confident within yourself – every man deserves that.

To check out Niven & Joshua go to

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Cash for questions

press_picA couple of years ago I was lucky enough to interview Aussie tennis legend Pat Cash about a whole bunch of grooming matters. Known as much for his bad-boy good looks as his Wimbledon win in 1987 and that famous victory climb, he’s a man who knows all about the importance of keeping up appearances. So I discovered how he still manages to look every inch the sporting heartthrob and, since we’re in the middle of Wimbledon fortnight, thought I’d finally publish it in full…

Aussie men aren’t exactly known for being natural metrosexuals but how important is it to you to be well groomed?
“Well, I think women like it if a man takes care of himself – though my girlfriend likes my hair when it’s messy! But being well-groomed is increasingly important to me, especially as I do a more commentating and corporate stuff now.

And the most pressing grooming challenge?
“At my age it’s making sure there’s no hair growing out of my nose or ears!”

What about tinted moisturizers, hair removal products and eyebrow plucking for men? Is that taking things too far?
“I think it’s great. I mean you should look as good as you can. Of course, compared to 15 or 20 years ago men’s grooming has really changed. It’s really exciting now. My son is really into his clothes and skincare and always looks really cool.”

Your own style was – and still is – pretty unique. How important is image to you?
“Not very, to be honest. I’m much more comfortable in a T-shirt than a suit and my hair looks like this because I don’t wash it!  But I suppose I did have a certain look. My main contributions to the world of style were the earring and the goatee – I was one of the first sportsmen to have a goatee I think. And the mullet of course, but I’d rather forget about that! “

At the height of your fame you had quite a female following. Did that make you vain?
“No. I’m not  a vain person by nature but I am very self-conscious about my body and I like to stay fit. I like my food but I’m still playing semi-professional tennis so I do look after myself. I’ve got a young girlfriend too so that’s a motivator!”

And what about skincare. How important is that to you?
“Actually, I’m pretty relaxed about having a skincare regime. I mean, I do use a moisturiser and I like rosehip oil which has a lot of antioxidants in it. I’m becoming a lot more conscious of skincare as I get older though.”

You were diagnosed with skin cancer a few years ago – that must have come as quite a shock?
“Yeah, it did. My brother persuaded me to have one of my moles checked out because it had changed colour and didn’t look right. It turned out to be cancerous but luckily, it was caught early enough. They still had to take a chunk of skin the size of two fifty pence pieces out of my leg though.”

And has that changed your view of sun protection?
“For sure. I’m much more conscious of the sun these days. Like a lot of men, when I was younger I didn’t really bother about getting burnt – whether that was on court or off – but that’s changed now. Having a chunk cut out of you can do that to you. I always make sure I’m wearing a sunscreen, particularly on my face neck and ears and when I’m coaching I wear a hat. Since many skin cancers are the result of being burnt as kids I also make sure my own children are clued up. My daughter is 18 and a sun worshipper so I pester her to death to make sure she uses sunscreen.”

What about nutrition? Is that important to you too?
“Very. I’m a big believer in the blood group diet and I don’t eat wheat – I haven’t touched a bowl of pasta for five years. I’m from that school of thought that believes that how to look on the outside is dependent on what you put inside, especially in terms of vitamins, amino acids and water. I take about 20 supplements a day and swear by vitamin C and a supplement called mega-hydrate which hydrates your skin and helps protect against free radicals.”

And how do you chill-out?
“I don’t think I have for a while! Actually, I love vegetating in front of the TV, watching the Simpsons with my boys or catching up with the football. I love spas too, something that comes from the fact that hot baths and massages have always been part of my routine. Massages – especially deep tissue ones – are great for your muscles but also for your head too. They’re a fantastic way to de-stress. Hot baths with Epsom salts are great too – they really take out all the toxins.”


For more info about Pat see his official website at

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