Kindly be a gent and check out Givenchy Gentlemen Only…


Keen readers will know the I’ve written about Givenchy’s brand new fragrance Gentlemen Only a couple of times on here already. An elegant and modern fragrance which takes some of it olfacory and design cues from one of my favourite fragrance of all time, Givenchy Gentleman, it’s an aromatic, woody and spicy blend of green mandarin orange, pink peppercorns (this year’s must have fragrance note), nutmeg, birch leaves, cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

Featuring Australian heartthrob Simon Baker the ad campaign (below) focuses on the forgotten art of being a gentleman, revealing that even though times may change good manners never go out of fashion.


To celebrate the launch of the fragrance Givenchy have a trip to New York (along with €2000 to spend in Bergdorf Goodman), as well as  80 “instant win” bottles of the fragrance up for grabs via a great little Facebook App. To enter simply click here.  It would be ungentlemanly not to!


Givenchy unveil Mentalist star Simon Baker as face of new men’s fragrance

In keeping with current fragrance campaign strategies Givenchy have just announced the face of their new men’s fragrance ahead of the launch of the fragrance itself in the spring of next year.

Turns out it’s “world-famous Australian actor” and star of The Mentalist Simon Baker. Not a fan of the show (like the bulk of the UK population I  rarely watch Channel 5) I had must confess I had absolutely no idea who he was. I mean, A-listers like Jude Law I know. Brad I know, even if he’s the face of a women’s perfume. And I did sort of recognise that guy from The Green Lantern who endorsed one of the Hugo Boss fragrances a while back.  But Baker? No instant recognition there for me I’m afraid. He impressed Parfums Givenchy though who say they were  won over by Baker’s ‘personality and charisma’. Not to mention his proportionate fee demand one suspects.