Martin Margiela replicates the smell of a New York Jazz Club with latest fragrance

REPLICA ALL THAT JAZZI must say I was rather excited about the arrival of Marin Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club fragrance. Woody, oriental and sweet – with pink peppercorns, neroil, run, sage, vanilla, tonka bean, tobacco leaves and vetiver, it’s the first masculine scent in the Replica series and is meant to conjure up the heady ambiance of a New York Jazz Club.

Like all the scents in the Replica series the bottle, with its delicious simplicity and printed cloth label is absolutely sublime and is everything a fragrance flacon should be. As for the fragrance itself, well, if it’s not damning with faint praise, it reminds me a bit of Diesel’s Fuel For Life Spirit (another L’Oreal-owned fragrance which launched this year), even down to the colour of the juice. It’s sweet, it’s gourmandy, it’s very now. Is it any good? I think on this occasion I’ll leave that question for you to answer.