recipe for success

200004755Let’s face it, when it comes to grooming gear how a thing looks is almost as important as how it performs. Oh, I know it’s shallow but I’ll readily hold my hands up and admit I’m a sucker for nice packaging. So, I’m instantly drawn to Recipe For Men, a range of grooming products hailing from Sweden and (wisely) snapped up by Space NK

Developed to work well in dry, harsh and cold climates as well as more temperate ones, it’s the first range to excite me in ages. The new Facial Cleanser (how’s that for a no-nonsense name?) has the texture of honey, comes in a pump dispenser so there’s no waste and has the subtlest of fragrances – just what you need from a  daily cleanser. What’s more the design, with it’s sticky-out label, is cooler than a Scando indie band. Fabulous stuff.


Available from Space NK price £15.

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