Tattoos rule the shaves!

David Beckham’s impressive sleeves aren’t the only ink to be splashed all over ads for grooming gear thesedays. More proof of how accepted tatts have become in the mainstream media comes in the shape of King of Shaves‘ ad for their Azor razor featuring British sprinter James Ellington. Looks sharp doesn’t he?

Fly the flag with some soap-on-a-rope!

Perhaps because of my age I’ve always been a huge fan of soap on a rope. There’s something deliciously Seventies Love-God about it. These days, however, they’re harder to come by than a competent plumber.

How about this whopper from Heathcoate & Ivory then? Weighing in at an impressive 300g (i.e big) it’s scented – but not overly so – with sweet basil, fennel, lime, bergamot and orange and hags beautifully on your shower knob. And just look at the patriotic packaging! What’s not to like?

Heathcote & Ivory’s Soap-On-a-Rope costs £7 and is available from

PS. To see more patriotic grooming gear for 2012 check out my ‘Flying The Flag’ Pinterest board here.