Nivea Men take the stress out of smelling good with new Stress Protect range

NIVEA STRESS PROTECTOf all lthe mass market grooming brands Nivea Men is definitely one of my favourites. Rifle through my bathroom cabinet and amongst the fancy premium products you’ll always find something by Nivea.

Their latest launch for men is the new range of “Stress Protect” anti-perspirants. As anyone who’s experienced “stress sweat” will know it’s a totally different animal to the sweat we exude during exercise or hot weather. In short, it reeks.

The three new products in the range (a spray, stick and roll on) are designed to offer extra protection against this particular kind of sweat. Sure, they’re fragranced with the kind of scent ubiquitous in today’s men’s fragrances but it’s not strong enough to be annoying and they certainly work. The last few days have been pretty stressful for me thanks to a raft of scary deadlines and I’m please to say that thanks to Stress Protect I’m still smelling sweet, even if I’m acting like a total monster!