insider interview: chris beastall, co-founder Niven & Joshua

As well as being one of  the nicest guys in the industry Chris Beastall has managed to make online grooming retailer Niven & Joshua, which he co-founded back in 2008, one of the coolest destinations for men seeking cutting-edge skincare, cult, quirky brands and a first-class service.

Catering for a discerning skincare customer it stocks cult brands like Anthony Logistics, Korres and Cowshed alongside exclusive ones like Japanese brand retaW. With a progressive nod to the future of male grooming you can also find acclaimed Australian brand Eyre, which focusses on organic ingredients, and (one of my fave brands) Bulldog Natural Grooming – one the the best ‘natural’ skincare brands out there.

I caught up with Chris recently to discover his views on male grooming, where the industry is heading and also get a glimpse into his own grooming routine…

GG: What do you think is the attraction to men of buying their grooming gear online?

CB: Prior to Niven & Joshua’s birth we considered opening male grooming salons in a selection of the UK’s most cosmopolitan cities. However, after much research from many sources, we learned that online was the way to go. The primary reason was anonymity, all the data pointed to the majority of men preferring to buy online and not have to face the intimidating, ill-informed sales assistants of department stores with their ailments and concerns.

The emergence of great blogs like The Grooming Guru and grooming guides such as those on Niven & Joshua means men can sit comfortably at their computer, learn, make an informed decision and then buy with the benefit of quick delivery from most e-retailers.

GG: Based on sales, what’s men’s biggest skincare issue would you say?

CB: The biggest skincare issue we see in terms of sales patterns are shaving related. Brands such as Taylor of Old Bond Street are extremely popular. Nearly every man shaves at some point in their life and most are shaving daily. The harsh effects of literally gliding a blade over your skin can easily be countered if you prepare with the right products.

GG: Favourite product you stock and why?

CB: My favourite product(s) would have to be any of the retaW Body Shampoos (shower gels). retaW is a Japanese brand we were absolutely blown away by when sampling it. The ingredients are all organic, highly concentrated and the scents, well, they must be tried to be truly appreciated.

GG: Best skincare tip you’ve come across?

CB: My best skincare tip would be to self-educate. Don’t fall for clever marketing, educate yourself in terms of your skin type and from there learn which products will work for you. We only take on brands we have tested, know work and would be happy to use ourselves.

GG: Desert Island grooming product?

CB: My recommended desert island grooming product would have to be a good quality moisturiser with SPF. It’s important to keep skin hydrated for many reasons and the added SPF is a bonus for warding of premature ageing of the skin and skin cancer.

GG: Who do you think is the ultimate grooming role model for men and why?

CB: I would have to say every man’s father. His toiletry selection was probably limited when you were growing up but he set the ball rolling in terms of intrigue and trial. It’s a cliche but I remember my father showing me how to shave for the first time, and sneaking in to his bathroom to spray on his green and gold bottled Ralph Lauren Polo fragrance.

GG: What are your favourite fragrances and why?

CB: There’s a small perfumery in Belgravia, London called Les Senteurs who offer a niche collection of the finest fragrances the world has to offer. In particular I am a big fan of Editions de Parfums by Frédéric Malle. The pick of the bunch would have to be Carnal Flower or Noir Epices, they are seemingly expensive for the size but one spray is all you need and the lasting scent is magnificent.

GG: How do you think the internet changed male grooming in the last few years?

CB: The internet has been a genuine blessing for the male grooming industry. Previously there was only a limited offering of basic male grooming products in supermarkets and chemists, agreeably there was more on offer at larger, higher-end stores but these being located in major cities made them inaccessible to most. Global accessibility is a major plus point of the internet, as well as anonymity when buying but also the plethora of information available on male grooming e-retailing sites and blogs means men can make informed decision before buying. Ultimately the aim is to look good to feel good, it’s not about vanity just taking care of yourself, being healthy and feeling confident within yourself – every man deserves that.

To check out Niven & Joshua go to

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insider interview – Anthony Sosnick

tony_poster_1_lighterThe first time I met Tony Sosnick, founder of the hugely successful U.S grooming brand Anthony Logistics,  he was just introducing the range to these shores. That was probably about eight years ago now and since then the brand has become one of the most popular cult grooming brands in the UK. His Algae Facial Cleanser is one of my all-time favourite skincare products so it’s great to be able to get him to share some of his insights for this week’s insider interview.

GG: So, Anthony, what’s men’s biggest mistake when it comes to grooming?
AS: One of the biggest mistakes is to not cleanse first. Cleansing before you shave, moisturise or anything else is vital. Think of it this way, you’d never wax your car without washing it first would you?

GG: What’s your favourite fragrance?
AS: I’m creature of habit. I love Gendarme and have for years.

GG: Biggest change in male grooming in the last five years?
AS: I would have to say the introduction of Anti-Aging products and the variety now available for men. Women have had them for years but this is something fairly new for guys and fortunately the technology can support the demand at this time.

GG: Desert island grooming product?
AS: A body cleansing gel – especially one with high quality ingredients and several moisturizing properties. If you’re on a desert island you need to stay clean from head to toe. You never know who you might find behind the bushes….

GG: Next big thing in male grooming?
AS: I think more products that cater to Anti-Aging. As baby boomers become more aware of these products the demand will increase. Also, with the economy the way it is and the way peoples’ mindsets have changed, I believe you will find many more upscale products at the mass level. I don’t mean that their quality will trump those at the prestige level but they will certainly be of a higher quality than what you see on the market now. I also think that a larger variety will become available to cater to those guys who might look to trade down.

GG: How influential is the internet when it comes to male grooming?
AS: Oh, very much so. Men’s grooming is all about education and making the male shopper feel comfortable while making his purchase. The Internet is an excellent resource for both!

The Anthony Logistics range is available from

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