Karl Lagerfeld launches new men’s fragrance. But don’t tell anyone!

Karl_Fragrance_Emoticons_SprayGiven that we live in a digital age, where information can traverse the globe in seconds and one in a world where hyperbole is very much the midwife of success, it’s rather quaint that embargoes still exist in the fragrance world. The French especially seem to love them. I’m not sure why and doubt that even they do but much to the annoyance of the press they do exist and such is the power of big brands (not to mention the threat of the dreaded blacklist) that it’s a brave journalist indeed who intentionally ignores them. And, as much as I love to stick two fingers up to authority, I respect the work PRs do way too much to wilfully trample over their hard work.

So what can I tell you about Karl Lagerfeld‘s new fragrance launch, coming this spring? Well, for one thing, it’s a fragrance launch from Karl Lagerfeld that’s coming this spring. I’ve seen it, I’ve worn it and it’s not at all what I expected. Pushing the boundaries of the of the embargo I can also tell you it’s light and fresh. But that’s all I’m telling you because everything else is under wraps until 12th March – except, curiously, the fragrance itself which is available exclusively from Harrods from, er, the 9th March.

Does size matter? It certainly does when it comes to the new DKNY Men Summer fragrance.

Never let it be said size doesn’t matter – even in the fluffy world of fragrance. I mean, what about this whopper from DKNY? Yes, folks, the bottle for DKNY for Men Summer is an impressive 9″ tall, with a girth of nealry 2″ across its widest point. In fairness, this does raise a few stability issues but it’s still a pretty striking addition to your bathroom shelf or bedroom dressing table.

The fragrance itself is a fresh, citrusy but slightly spicy blend of grapefruit, Yuzu (an oriental citrus fruit), white pepper, geranium and cedar but who cares when there’s such skyscraping subtlety to admire?

DKNY MEN Summer will be available from  4th March, exclusively to The Perfume Shop, priced £34 for 100ml eau de toilette.