Jo Loves…Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme. Maybe you will too.

Jo Loves cedarThe arrival of a new Jo Loves fragrance always creates a bit of a buzz (their creator, Jo Malone, has a loyal following with both press and public alike) but whilst all her fragrances are technically unisex it’s taken until now for one to emerge that’s overtly masculine in character.

Jo Loves…Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme is a blend of aromatic herbs (mint and lavender amongst them) along with bergamot and nutmeg and a base of male fragrance stalwarts like cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli. In a way, it’s faintly reminiscent of those hyper-masculine colognes of the Seventies – minus the cheesy, chest medallion ads – and has a slight bitterness on the skin that’s not as unappealing as it sounds. But, hey, never mind all this – here is a fragrance that has a word as wonderful as ‘shards’ in its name!

Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme is available now, priced £45 for 30ml from


Acqua di Parma introduce more Colonia Essenza loveliness

New Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza & AncilliariesIf you’re a fan of Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be) you’ll be pleased to know that two brand new ancillaries have been added to the existing range, in the shape of an After-Shave Balm and an After-Shave Lotion. Both, of course, are fragranced with the woody and ambery notes that make Essenza a deliciously warm, creamy, night-time version of the original Acqua di Parma Colonia fragrance. Not so much essenza as essential I’d say.

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Hugo Boss hit the right note with new Hugo Man Limited Edition

HUGO MANFan of Hugo Boss’ Hugo Man? And of music? Then you’re likely to like the brand new Limited Edition version of this classic fragrance. Playing on a music theme, the Hugo Man Music Limited Edition bottle features a graphic equaliser detail and each box comes with a special download code for two unique musical reworkings of classic songs like Edwin Collins’ A Girl Like You, Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes and Toto’s Africa (!) by up-and-coming artists like Nina Kraviz and Kate Boy.

The fragrance itself  –  a crisp, juicy and woody blend of green apples, pine needles, sandalwood and cedarwood  – remains the same, which is just as well given the enduring popularity it’s enjoyed since its launch almost 20 years ago.

Available from February.