Leighton Denny’s essential nail kit for men

Totally_GroomedCall me old fashioned but in my book there’s no greater grooming sin than filthy fingernails. You can pluck and preen all you like but if there’s enough muck under your nails to grow a bag of  Maris Pipers you’ve failed miserably in the grooming stakes.

Yet so many men neglect details like clean fingernails – a big mistake given that hands are constantly on display, particularly when we’re eating or drinking. So here’s a little rescue kit that no man should be without. Created my the Master of Manicures, Leighton Denny, the Totally Groomed Essential Nail Kit is a must have for the modern man. Especially useful are the crystal nail file, duplex buffer (for getting rid of unsightly ridges) and the nail white pencil which is the perfect solution to discoloured talons.

Leighton also has some useful advice. “Keep them short lads,” he says. “Long nails on men is not a good look”.  And I absolutely agree. Unless you’re the lead guitarist of a rock band, are a budding Trannie or are simply too mean to buy a proper coke spoon there’s no excuse…

Available now priced £18. For stockists go to www.leightondenny.com

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