Jackson: The Fragrance…you couldn’t make it up

He might be stiff as a board but Wacko Jacko lives on in the shape of a new fragrance using extracts of his DNA in it’s formula. A company in the States called My DNA Fragrance claims to have made the scent using genetic codes from samples of Jacko’s hair (presumably what little was left after Pepsi got at it).

The company already specialise in fragrances made using dead celebrity mitrochondia (Elvis, Monroe, Einstein and Katherine Hepburn are favourites) which is extracted from the  hair and somehow translated into a scent.

I’ve read how they do this several times but still can’t made head nor tail of it but regardless of how it happens I guess it beats playing around with tonka beans. All in all quite the most bizarre thing I’ve heard since the day I was told that a certain Thierry Mugler fragrance contains a fragrance note designed to smell like freshly-ejaculated semen….

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