Need some colour? Then grab yourself Daniel Sandler’s Instant Tan Wash-Off Face Powder

daniel sandler

Whenever I’m asked to give advice about faking a decent tan I always suggest guys try a powder bronzer – at least for the face. Sure, there are several tinted moisturisers and facial tanners out there that deliver great results but for ease of use and effectiveness I always think a powder is best. They’re also especially good for men who aren’t used to self-tanning products because the results are temporary and you have total control over them. I personally find they work better if you have facial hair too

This new Instant Tan Face Powder from acclaimed make-up artist Daniel Sandler is  especially good for men as it’s shimmer-free, fragrance-free, demi-matt and water-resistant (so won’t slide off when you get hot and sweaty). You simply apply a little with a brush (I suggest this one, also by Daniel Sandler), making sure you apply to the neck and ears as well as the face. If, like me, you’re thin of thatch you can also apply a little upwards into the hairline and onto the scalp.

A brilliant little product for men and perfect for this time of year when skin needs a little pick me up but also great for grooms who want to look their best on their big day.

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder costs £22.50 and is available from

The times they are a changin’…

I always think mannequins are an excellent refection of where man is at any one moment in time. After all, they’re supposed to reflect the customer or what the customer wants to be. And if you want vivid proof of how far the modern man has come, just take a look at this young chap, spotted in a shop window in Bristol. I don’t know what to say really. A touch too much blusher perhaps? Watch it with the mascara as it can end up a bit claggy?

Grooming Guru Essentials: Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer

There are few products I elevate to true Must Have status but this pocket-sized mattifing gel by Givenchy is one of them. Though I generally have skin comparable in texture to your average rice cracker I do occassionally suffer from what I call ‘chip shop chops’ (look, I’m Northerner ok? It’s how we talk). This most often manifests itself in a nose so greasy  you could probably cook a full english on it.

This genius little mattifying primer from Givenchy, however, is the perfect antidote, absorbing excess oil and generally leaving skin looking much-improved – kind of like Photoshop in a tube.

Several of the products in the Mister range were marketed directly at men last year (the matt black packinging and ‘Mister’ moniker helps) but having the words ‘Matte-finish make up gel’ kind of gives the game away that it’s essentially for women. Still, why should the girls have all the best products?

Worth trying too, by the way, is the new Mister Radiant – a product containing  tiny microbeads of pigment along with ones containing vitamin E to improve the appearance of the skin and give it some subtle colour.

Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

Genius product alert!

Whilst I consider myself to be the most metrosexual of men even I balk at Manscara and Guyliner but here’s a great idea from Givenchy – an eyebrow fixing pencil.

The perfect solution for those errant eyebrows it’s a non-greasy, transparent eyebrow pencil that effectively slicks your brows down giving then definition and flattening stray hairs. If you must, you can even use it to shape your brows to achieve an inquisitive Roger Moore arch.

A genuinely useful piece of grooming kit and one of the best products I’ve come across all year.

Givenchy’s Mister Eyebrow Eyebrow Fixing Pencil costs £13.70. For stockists call 01932 233 824

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