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Thierry Mugler’s A*Men fragrance is one of those classic polarising scents. You either love it or run screaming like you’ve been the victim of a gas attack. Personally, I’ve always been somewhat in the latter camp. It’s way too sweet and sickly for me but I know loads of people who love it and do you know what? At least it’s distinctive – a rare and underestimated quality for men’s fragrances these days (check out Hugo’s rather ironically named Just Different if you want proof).

Anyway, fans of A*Men might want to check out Mugler’s new limited edition version A*Men The Taste of Fragrance – a version ‘magnified’ with the addition of a hot chili pepper note. The lavish press kit is full of nonsense about the foody inspiration behind it but all you really need to know is that the familiar, sweet, vanillary fragrance is still there but has been pimped up with the peppers.

I have to say this works remarkably well, adding a spicy and earthy edge to things, giving it a slightly more masculine feel in the process. Fear not, if you like your scents strong it’s still powerful enough to be classed as a WDM, but  is far less likely to scare old ladies and children. And what  more can I say other than Amen for that?

The Limited Edition A*Men is priced £50 for 100 ml non-refillable EDT

New Hugo bottle is worth bottling!

Bottle shot 2If you need proof that the bottle is almost as important as the ‘juice’ when it comes to fragrances, you only have to look at the continuing success of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male, the popularity of Diesel’s quirky ‘fist’ flacon and  last Christmas’ surprise seller, Paco Robanne’s  1 Million (a true example of style over content if ever there was one).

And like anyone else I get excited over nice bottles too. Most desirable one at the moment has to be the newie for Hugo Man, artfully designed by Karin Rashid – creator of the Garbo Waste Can and a man with almost as many awards as tattoos.

To make things even more exciting there are only 1,000 of these limited edition lovelies in existence (with only 70 individually numbered bottles in the UK!) so the only question you have is wether to use it or lock it in a safe at your bank.

HUGO Man Exclusive Limited Edition bottles will be available in Selfridges from 4th November priced £95 for 150ml.

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