Grooming Guru Essentials: Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser

vitaman-face--body-cleanser-250mlSometimes you don’t need to say much more about a product than “I love it” to get your point across. And I love Vitaman’s Face & Body Cleanser. I’ve only recently started using it’s already a firm favourite of mine, mainly for the wonderfully fresh way it smells. The key ingredient, it turns out, is lemon myrtle oil – derived from a plant that grows in the Austalian rainforests and used by indigenous Australians for both cooking and healing. It smells a bit like the lemon balm I grow in my garden which is probably why I love it and it certainly makes a refreshing alternative to straight-forward citrus body washes. The cleanser itself doesn’t leave skin dry and tight either. Recommended.

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