New Burberry fragrance coming in April

Burberry Fragrance - Mr. BurberryApril 2016 will see the launch of a brand new Burberry fragrance, Mr Burberry, inspired, apparently, by the iconic Burberry heritage trench coat. Described as a woody/herbal fragrance it features notes of grapefruit, tarragon, cardamom, cedar, nutmeg, birch leaf, vetiver, sandalwood and guaiac wood and the campaign will feature Brit actor Josh Whitehouse, directed by Turner Prize winning director Steve McQueen. To add to the list of big guns involved (Burberry never do anything by halves) the fragrance itself has been created by acclaimed nose Francis Kurkdjian. I must say, I love the simplicity of the bottle and the Mr Porter-esque name (check out the italicised font) and can’t wait to smell the fragrance itself.

The Telegraph launches Telegraph Men – a new digital channel for men

630660682d718648ce4827d0d265c896Given that nearly 60% of The Telegraph‘s online readers are male it’s a surprise that it’s never had a channel aimed squarely at men (there’s a very good women’s one after all). Thankfully, though, that has all changed today with the launch of Telegraph Men

telegraphA fantastic new digital channel for the modern man it brings together an experienced team of experts to write about everything from motors, modern manners and fitness to sex, relationships and (crucially) how to open a bottle of wine with nothing but a shoe. There’s also a whole section dedicated to Fashion & Style with columnists like David Gandy, Oliver Spencer and, covering all things male grooming, moi.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be addressing a whole range of grooming issues, offering tips, advice and opinion so if you care about skincare, style or –  for that matter – any aspect of being a man, make sure you check out Telegraph Men and to keep up with my grooming column click here. Oh, and if there are any topics you’d like covered just drop me a line!