Grooming Guru poll reveals top five male grooming crimes

A while back a ran a poll on here to discover what readers of The Grooming Guru considered their worst male grooming crimes to be. Actually, the results surprised me somewhat.

Admittedly, I expected smelling worse than a Ginsters pasty on a Tube train to be high up on the list but I also expected dandruff (up until now considered to be a contraceptive as effective as Durex) to garner a higher percentage of the score. But no, of the 512 people who voted the second worst grooming crime was dirty fingernails, with hairy backs a distant fourth and not quite the ‘scary backs’ I would have thought. Anyway, here’s how the votes stacked up, along with a few tips on how to ensure you don’t end up another nasty statistic.

The worst grooming male grooming crimes

Bad body odour 45% Apart from the obvious advice of using a good anti-perspirant (I like Sanex For Men which offers great protection but is gentle on the skin) a really good tip is to trim your pit hair. Less hair means less surface area for the bacteria that cause BO to live on. Since you’re not a prima ballerina there’s no need to shave it – a neat trim is fine.

Dirty fingernails 27% Every women I’ve ever talked to hates a man with dirty fingernails but sorting them out is so simple. Keep them neatly trimmed (it’ll minimise the risk of dirt collecting under them) and invest in a good quality manicure set. I like the Japonesque Manicure set (£19 from . Honestly, it’s not rocket science is it?

Dandruff 13% Treat the flakes with an anti-dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders For Men and read my ‘How to deal with dandruff’ post here.

Hairy Back 9% Avoid shaving (it’s itchy and if you try yourself you’ll probably dislocate your shoulder) and rope in a willing accomplice to remove it with Veet For Men Wax strips. Spraying the area with an anticeptic spray like Elemis’ Tea Tree SOS Spray can help soothe and protect skin afterwards.

Dirty Neck 5% Oh please. Just wash it you mucky bugger. With that stuff called water. And a bit of soap.

Want hair like Donald Trump? Then use Head & Shoulders!

In the oft bewildering world of PR it’s sometimes difficult for me to come to terms with what constitutes a good story. But then, as the famous saying goes, any press is good press. Popping into my inbox this morning, for example, is the news that Donald Trump,  uber-wealthy businessman, Presidential drop-out and po-faced Obama nemesis uses Head & Shoulders to keep his legendary locks looking so luscious.

He has revealed, apparently,  that his simple grooming regime includes ‘washing his hair everyday with Head &  Shoulders, leaving it to dry for 60 minutes before combing it ‘a little bit forward and back’’ (sorry L’Oreal, no mention of an industrial can of Elnett).

It’s a fun story and offers some superbly practical advice for anyone wanting to emulate a timeless comb-over.  But really, is it the kind of brand association you’d be proud of? I mean, this is a man whose hair is only faintly less ridiculous than Phil Spector’s – and Phil’s was a wig. The fact that the little press ditty  then goes on to mention Trump in the same sentence as Head & Shoulders ambassador Jenson Button tops things off for me.  I mean,  James Corden and David Beckham might share a fondness for the same skimpy briefs but they’re sure as hell not going to look equally as good in them are they? Know what I mean?