Phil Spencer’s chest hair shocker!

At the risk of turning this blog into a picture resource for gay men and women of a certain age, here is a new snapshot of Relocation’s Phil Spencer posted today by his TV partner Kirstie Allsopp via Twitter.

Now, Phil has quite a following out there so I’d better be careful what I say, but whilst this pic of him on a beach in Oz (snapped during his new programme Relocation: Phil Down Under) shows a man remarkably toned for 41, he’s also committing a terrible grooming faux pas in the chest hair department.

Look carefully and you’ll notice that the naturally hirsute presenter has been hacking away at his neckline in an attempt to conceal the fuzz when wearing an open shirt.  A word of advice Phil – if you’re going to do that start with taking off just a little at a time. You you can always remove  a bit more as you go along but you can’t stick it back on. And try not to go below the collarbone – you’ve been left with a pair of  hairy horns!

PS. You can follow Kirstie on Twitter @KirstieMAllsopp . You can follow me too @grooming_guru

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