Ask The Guru: What’s the best way to deal with knotted hair?

TangleTeezerSalonElite_3extraFirst off, if you’re suffering from tangled or knotted hair I pretty much hate you because it means that, unlike me, you have a pretty thick thatch. But, hey, I’m not so bitter that I won’t provide an answer to your little hair problem.

The best solution is to invest in a Salon Elite Tangle Teezer (£11.20 from A specially designed knot-busting hairbrush it’s the perfect way to keep your barnet tangle-free. “Guys can get really hung up on how much hair gets left in regular hairbrushes after detangling so can be a bit scared about brushing out knots,” says the brush’s inventor Sean P. “With Tangle Teezer, the teeth uncoil the hair in a natural manner so there’s no pulling or yanking and there’s very little hair left in the brush.” Bad news for Wayne Rooney’s transplant surgeon maybe, but good news for you.