Grooming Guru Essentials: Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Body Massage Oil

Generally speaking the body ranges of fragrances are pretty dull – you know the kind of thing: deodorant, body wash, body scrub if you’re lucky – so here’s one that actually genuinely excited me. In typically sexy fashion, the Gucci Guilty Pour Homme range includes a Body Massage Oil.

This is a cute idea (and it does make a good massage oil) but it’s actually a brilliantly practical product too. In fact, it’s the perfect way to wear the fragrance (a warm, sweet blend of orange blosson, cedre, patchouli and lavender) in a more subtle context.  Slather on a little in the morning after your shower and you’ve got a perfect way to smell great (but not too great) for work. The oil gives it staying power too. Of course, if you can find a willing pair of hands to apply it it’s even more fun. In fact, you may not even make it to work…

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insider interview – master of manicures Leighton Denny


When it comes to nails nobody knows more than than Master of the Manicure Leighton Denny. With a bio that deserves a film treatment (he started out as a fork-lift truck driver before morphing into Britain’s most respected nail technician) he’s tended the talons of just about everyone who’s anyone. So it’s great to be able to, er, nail him down for this week’s Insider Interview…

GG: So Leighton, what would you say  are men’s biggest grooming mistakes?

LD: Not doing anything! We are very much past the days when men could get away with hardly ever showering and paying little or no attention to their appearance. I think that looking good, and looking like you know what you’re doing is as important for men now, as it is for women. It isn’t about being vain, just a bit more aware of what’s out there and taking pride in how you look.

GG: Why is it important for men to look after their nails?

LD: For the same reason that it is important to look after anything else. Nails can be a huge give away so it’s important to make sure that the basic steps are taken to help day to day maintenance. Practically too, having healthy well kept and sealed nails is an important way to prevent infections, so it is vital that you file nails correctly, and keep them hydrated with a good hand and nail cream, such as Best Defence from my range.

GG: What’s your best tip for men who want great nails?

trioLD: A good buffer is a great tool to have to hand, as buffing nails every two to three weeks will help to strengthen and shine nails with very little effort, or product. The Leighton Denny Trio Buffer is my personal favourite as this flattens out ridges, smoothes nails and polishes nails to leave a natural shine. I’d also recommend always carrying a hand cream with you. It’s an easy thing to forget, but great to do at intervals throughout the day for wonderfully conditioned hands, nails and cuticles.

GG: Why should men think about manicures?

LD: Most importantly, everyone deserves to be pampered, and a manicure is a great way to relax whilst getting hands into great shape. For many men who aren’t so familiar with DIY nail care, this is also a great way to get to t know what products to use, and how to use them efficiently. It’s a great way to pick up tips, and treat yourself!

GG: What are your favourite fragrances?

terredhermesLD: I’m a huge fan of Chanel Allure Sport as this is a perfect all rounder and great to wear all day as its fresh and vibrant, without being too heavy. Gucci by Gucci is a classic staple for anyone. It’s such a sexy evening fragrance and is perfect for night out all year round. Terre d’Hermes is my ‘Sunday best’ fragrance and the one I wear when I want to feel really fantastic. Its elegant and clean, but still smells masculine which is really important to me when I choose fragrances.

GG: What’s the one grooming product you couldn’t live without?

LD: For me it has to be fake tan. I’m a huge fan on St Tropez and the products in their range, particularly as I’m very fair skinned and the colour still suits my tone! Especially during the summer, but even during the winter months, I always feel that little bit more confident when I have some colour; and applying it at home means I keep my skin in better condition, and looking younger for longer.

For more info on Leighton go to

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