Armani Eau d’Arômes: a fragrance of two halves

armaniJust to prove that I don’t hate all of today’s mass market mens fragrances, here’s a brand new one I don’t mind at all. Giorgio Armani‘s new Eau d’Arômes is a summery concoction of citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot and spicy ones of ginger, cardamon and chilli pepper, rounded out with vetiver, patchouli and an ambergris accord. There’s a slightly bitter edge to it and a distinctly soapy one, too, but it’s a good fragrance for summer if you want something that’s fresh enough for day but sexy enough for evening too. Not necessarily groundbreaking but certainly very wearable.



Armani’s new fragrance for men is a nocturnal delight

ARMANIpgWith the vogue for night fragrances continuing it’s no surprise to see Armani entering the fray with Eau de Nuit, a fragrance whose brief is to capture the essence of “the fleeting beauty when daytime turns to darkness”. What this means in reality, of course is a scent characterised by being rich, dark, a bit spicy and generally more suited to nighttime (if that’s how you like to categorise your fragrances).

Smoky, powdery and a little leathery it has notes of bergamot, nutmeg, iris (the source of the powderiness), amber and the ubiquitous tonka bean. It also has pink pepper – a note few of this year’s men’s fragrances can be created without it would seem.

The result is a scent that’s actually deliciously warm and creamy on the skin and one that has more than a hint of pencil shavings (in a good way – I like the smell of pencil shavings). I’m not entirely sure whether it’ll last you all night (I was a bit disappointed by its staying power) but of all the “night” fragrances that have landed on my desk so far it’s definitely one of the best.


Armani Eau de Nuit For Men is available exclusively from Harrods, priced £49 for 50ml eau de toilette, before going nationwide on March 11th.

Diamonds are forever – especially when they’re of the Armani variety

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I love moaning about the state of the male fragrance industry. The laziness of some of the big fashion houses never seems to amaze me. These days it’s all fragrance by focus group (I was horrified recently after listening to one house’s fragrance expert explain the whole sordid process of scent by consensus) but, not all houses are the same. Armani may be huge but its fragrances always manage to have oodles of integrity. Armani Code is one of the sexiest fragrances I’ve come across and successive fragrances from the label have always been worth wearing.

The latest offering, from Emporio Armani this time, is Diamonds Black Carat For Men The 50 ml version comes in the dinkiest, sexiest little bottle imaginable and the fragrance within is sweets, spicy, warm and sensual. It actually reminds me of a Mugler fragrance – all choclately and edible (a fact borne out by a cocoa bean note) though there’s Szechuan pepper in there too so fans of spicy fragrances will be happy too. Recommended.

Emporio Armani Black carat For Men is available nationwide from September priced £46 for 50 ml eau de toilette.