Grooming Guru Essentials: Geo F Trumper Block of Alum

Like the wheel, the hamburger and the Wonderbra there are some inventions that are a true gift to mankind. The Alum block is one of them. Used by man since Egyptian times as a cure for cuts, nicks and razor burn and popular with traditional barbers for hundreds of years, it’s now something of a grooming curio, having fallen out of favour with the advent of aftershave balms. But believe me, you’ll never have a more useful grooming tool. Moistened with cold water and rubbed on the face after shaving alum acts as a natural antiseptic, calming irritation and redness, and also as a styptic, stopping bleeding and helping heal nicks a cuts. It’s simple, cost-effective and, frankly, pure genius.

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Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

this week’s grooming essential

trumpersI’ve got to admit that some of the bath and shower products I get sent to try bear more resemblance to something you’d use to remove paint from an old shed door with than something you’d happily slather on your sensitive bits. There are always exceptions, of course, and I’m happy to report that this new bath and shower gel from Geo.F. Trumper is one of them.

An addition to their existing Eucris range, it’s wonderfully masculine thanks to dashes of musk, moss and sandalwood (yes, the oh-so-expensive expensive oil that scuppered the chances of the ginger one from The Apprentice), though there’s a bit of spicy cumin and corriander in there too for good measure.

Bottom line is that it’s how men should smell after a shower. And at £13 for 200ml, that’s something well worth shelling out for.

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