Everything you ever wanted to know about shaving but were too afraid to ask!

Over the years I’ve provided hundreds of male grooming pieces for menshealth.co.uk in my capacity as Online Grooming Editor. What’s emerged is an invaluable online rescource for anyone who cares about looking good. To make things easier for you to access, though, I thought I’d gather a few of the links together, via subject matter. So I’m kicking off this week with probably men’s biggest grooming concern – shaving. Read these and you need never leave the house covered in bits of loo paper ever again!

Foam, cream or gel?  Click here.

How do I use shaving oil? Click here.

Can I slow down the growth of my stubble? Click here.

Why it’s not a good idea to shave against the grain. Click here

How do I use a shaving brush? Click here.

How to prevent ingrown hairs. Click here.

The rules of electric shaving. Click here. 

How can I make my razor last longer?  Click here

How do I treat nicks and cuts after shaving? Click here.

How to pick the right shaving balm for your skin. Click here

Kevin Pietersen unveiled as new Brylcreem boy

kevYes, they looked long and hard to find the first new Brycreem boy in yonks. I just wish they’d have looked a bit harder – and preferably for someone who exuded real style and a bit of personality (dashing new Doctor Who Matt Smith was a contender apparently). Instead we have cricketer Pietersen. In the launch photos, dressed in a preppy red sweater, the poor lad looks for all the world like the boring older brother you dread turning up at parties.

It’s never easy to find the right face for a brand and, let’s face it, the talent pool from the world of cricket is particularly challenging and is presumably the place you look when nobody from the worlds of football/rugby/international dominoes is available.

Still, at least he does have a great head of hair, which is what matters at the end of the day I suppose. Let’s just hope he’s briefed better than some other product-endorsing sportsmen out there. I once quizzed a grooming product ‘ambassador’ about the product he was promoting and he looked at me blankly for a moment before confessing he didn’t actually use it.

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