The first fragrance exclusively for gay men?

It’s funny what weird and wonderful things you come across while Googling fragrance ads in the name of research. I mean, just look at this 1978 ad for Reo – touted as the world’s first cologne exclusively for gay men.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement. After all,  it proves that someone got there nearly 20 years before Thierry Mugler did with A*Men. Wonder what it smelt like?

Adidas Body Care secure Tom Daley as their ambassador in Olympic year

While a raft of largely unknown Olympic hopefuls are being roped in to promote everything from toothpaste to fragrance (with varying degrees of brand synergy) Coty’s Adidas Body Care brand pulled a blinder today by announcing that Britain’s youngest ever diving champion and budgie-smuggling eye-candy Tom Daley would be their ambassador.

It’s a beautiful fit – both brands are youthful, energetic and performance-driven, and a rather daring attempt to steal some of the official Olympic partner P&G’s thunder in this most special of years.

Loving the patriotic packaging for the Limited Edition Ice Dive range too.