Go swivel! Gillette introduce new ‘FlexBall’ razor

GILLETTE FUSION PROGLIDE FLEXBALLNormally, when a ‘new’ and ‘revolutionary’ razor lands on my desk for review, I groan inwardly because, generally speaking, there are few places to go with razor technology these days and most of the new developments trumpeted as huge  leaps forward are, at best, minor tweaks made massive by over-enthusiastic marketing.

It’s refreshing, then, that the latest version of Gillette’s best-selling Fusion ProGlide does have feature something rather cute and worth shouting about in the shape of ‘FlexBall’ technology – a feature that enables the head to swivel from side to side slightly to allow the blades even better contact with the contours of the skin. The result is more a lot more manoeuverability and ultimately a much better shave. It’s eye-catching and fun to use and, frankly, anything that makes shaving more fun has got to be worth giving a  go, right?

Available nationwide from February 17th. 

Gillette Fusion ProGlide on its way to UK?

Quite often we bloggers get accused of all kinds of ‘industry misdemeanours’, most notable breaking embargoes and pre-empting product release news. Sometimes we just can’t resist spilling the beans and sometimes we simply keep out ears to the ground and see what’s happening overseas, because much of the time what happens in other markets eventually happens here too.

So, it doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out that, having recently announced its launch in the US, Gillette will eventually launch its all-singing, all-dancing Fusion ProGlide razor in the UK. Billed as a significant advancement in shaving performance and comfort, it features re-engineered, finer blades, a unique Microcomb to guide hairs towards the blade, larger Lubrastrip, improved precision trimmer and a streamlined ‘Snowplow’ Comfort Guard to help maintain optimum contact with the skin. Judging by this pic it looks nice too.

Seemingly it’s been tested on over 30,000 men (Gillette are famous for their ‘human testing”) so I’m expecting great things. The razors will appear in the US at the beginning of the summer. As for over here? Watch this space.

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