Paul Smith enlists some good sports for new fragrance campaign

Extreme skier (still life)Whilst it’s fashionable these days to spash out a fortune of a famous face to promote your fragrance (see my previous post) there’s something, you know, faintly shallow and lazy about it. So it’s refreshing to see legendary British Designer Sir Paul Smith bringing his new fragrance Extreme Sport to life in a slightly more novel way.

Enlisting the help of photographer and film-maker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, mountain biker Clément Iribanes and alpinist Fabien Meyer he’s managed to contextualise the fragrance in both a sports setting and capture its fresh and energetic nature at the same time. You can check out the pictures here but my favourite one is above. The colours are amazing, no?

Of course, if they were savvy they’d now run a competition asking fragrance fans to take a sporting selfie with their bottle of Extreme Sport!

Paul Smith Extreme Sport is available from today. For my review click here.

Paul Smith enters the sports arena with Extreme Sport

SPORT5After the bravery of Paul Smith’s last fragrance launch Portrait For Men – a quirky fragrance built around a fresh green tea note – the iconic British designer’s latest fragrance, Extreme Sport, plays it safe (and keeps things a little more commercial) with a juice built around a raft of notes familiar to contemporary men’s fragrances.

SPORT2As is the case with many sport fragrances that don’t go down the super-fresh route it aims – a bit like Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’issey Pour Homme Sport –  to pack a mighty old punch instead. Citrusy, woody and spicy it’s a big, ballsy number that’s vibrant and energetic enough for daytime but warm and spicy enough to be worn for a night out too. If you’re a fan of Paul Smith Extreme – his most successful men’s fragrance – you’ll certainly like this version as it takes most of its cues (visual and olfactory) from that fragrance.

SPORT3What it has over many other sport fragrances (Miyake’s included) is a genuine reason for being. Whereas you’d struggle long and hard to find an authentic connection between Miyake and sport, Paul Smith’s is genuine and well known. Not only did he start out wanting to be a champion cyclist (until an accident made him change dreams) he’s still very much involved in sport, especially cycling, designing jerseys for the Giro d’Italia and lending his signature style to a range of sportswear, sporting equipment and sports watches (one of which is featured on the box and bottle). For sure, that little touch of authenticity isn’t mentioned on the list of notes but it’s definitely tucked away at the heart of the fragrance – just spray and you’ll find it.


Top: Orange Essence, Bergamot, Moroccan Nana Mint

Middle: Egyptian Geranium, Lavender, Madagascan Black Pepper

Base: Incense, Cedarwood, Tonka bean.

Paul Smith Extreme Sport launches exclusively in Boots on 2nd April and will be available elsewhere a month later.