Need some colour? Then grab yourself Daniel Sandler’s Instant Tan Wash-Off Face Powder

daniel sandler

Whenever I’m asked to give advice about faking a decent tan I always suggest guys try a powder bronzer – at least for the face. Sure, there are several tinted moisturisers and facial tanners out there that deliver great results but for ease of use and effectiveness I always think a powder is best. They’re also especially good for men who aren’t used to self-tanning products because the results are temporary and you have total control over them. I personally find they work better if you have facial hair too

This new Instant Tan Face Powder from acclaimed make-up artist Daniel Sandler is  especially good for men as it’s shimmer-free, fragrance-free, demi-matt and water-resistant (so won’t slide off when you get hot and sweaty). You simply apply a little with a brush (I suggest this one, also by Daniel Sandler), making sure you apply to the neck and ears as well as the face. If, like me, you’re thin of thatch you can also apply a little upwards into the hairline and onto the scalp.

A brilliant little product for men and perfect for this time of year when skin needs a little pick me up but also great for grooms who want to look their best on their big day.

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder costs £22.50 and is available from

Daniel Sandler launches bronzer brush for men

When it comes to giving skin a bit of colour I’ve always been a fan of powder bronzers over liquid ones, tinted moisturisers or self-tanners. I think this is for two reasons: growing up in the early Eighties I was never afraid of using a bit of slap and, being a control freak, I like to be able to have total control over the end results.

One of the problems with them, though, is that it’s so easy to overload the applicator brush which can lead to a too-strong effect, patchiness and a shirt dusted in powder. Make-up artist Daniel Sandler has very cleverly tackled this problem, however, with this brand new bronzer brush.

Taking its cues from the silver tipped badger shaving brushes most men are familiar with his ultrafine, supersoft High Speed Bronzer Brush is supersized, made from a mixture of goat and synthetic fibres and features more sparse hairs than regular brushes making it almost impossible to overload. Having given it a go myself I can vouch for its effectiveness and its large surface area means you can get the job done in a matter of seconds.

If you’ve never used a brush (or a bronzer) before don’t worry, I asked Daniel for a few expert tips: “For the best results, gently sweep the tip of the brush hairs over your bronzer powder to pick up colour, tap off any excess then gently sweep over face making sure you apply beyond the jaw line so your tan looks natural,” he says.

“To get the best out of the brush itself, always apply without pressing the brush tip too hard on skin and use quick light, circular motions for a speedy, even-finish.” If you’re applying over moisturiser he recommends waiting for it to be fully absorbed before using  the bronzer – that way you’ll avoid streaks. Easy, no?

You can use the brush in conjunction with your own bronzer (I’ve just tried it out with the Jean Paul Gautlier one I regularly use) or why not try it with Daniel’s Mineral Bronzer Powder? Go on! Don’t be a scaredy-cat – give it a whirl!

Daniel Sandler’s High Speed Bronzer Brush is available from 1st Feb and costs £26. For stockists, or to buy online go to