Bond is back! So here are a few style & grooming tips from the woman who dresses him…

bond style

The other day I had the pleasure of speaking to Jany Temime  –  award-winning costume designer for the new Bond film SPECTRE  –  about what men can learn from the way 007  dresses. We didn’t talk about the labels he wears in the movie – you can read about those elsewhere – but about what men can learn from Bond’s general style. If you want to read more (and discover how many pair of gloves Daniel had to be fitted with before the right ones were found) simply click on the pic above. This message will self destruct in 15 seconds.

Gillette aim for some of Spectre’s sheen

Gillette_SPECTRE_Giftset_RRRP £18.99I can’t decide whether it’s a testament to their power and reach, culturally, or a reflection on the inescapable joined-up nature of modern consumerism, but Bond films are now as synonymous with the partnerships they foster as the stunts and Bond Girls they feature.

The latest brand to announced an association with the franchise is Gillette who have linked up with Spectre, the eagerly anticipated 24th installment in the 007 saga, to produce Bond themed gift sets. There’ll also be a some TV spots and Bond costume designer Jany Temime will we providing some style tips from the Gillette Twitter account on Oct 10th. It’s all about having a little of that lustrous Spectre sheen rub off on the brand, of course, but since P&G, who own Gillette, are also behind the James Bond 007 fragrance brand, it’s a more predictable fit than you might think.

Insider Interview: Celebrity hair Stylist Oliver Woods

As well as being Garnier Fructis’ Style’s Celebrity Stylist, Oliver Woods has dressed the tresses of some of the world’s leading stars including Robbie Williams, Jude Law and Daniel Craig. He’s also a thoroughly lovely chap. Here he answers a few questions for my regular ‘insider interview’ spot.

GG: What’s the biggest mistake men make when it comes to looking after their hair?
OW: They don’t use conditioner very often, plus they over-do it on the product. Golden rule: a little bit is better than a lot!
GG: What’s your best tip for great-looking hair?

OW: Don’t over-wash your hair. People tend to wash there hair every day but it’s not necessary as you’re just washing out  the natural oils. Every other day is much kinder to the scalp as well.

GG: Which male celeb do you reckon has the best hair style at the moment?

OW: Robbie Williams, for his timeless look.
GG: What’s your best tip for men whose hair is thinning?

OW: Cut it short if possible, it will thicken it up.

GG: Favourite styling product at the moment? I love using a clay at the moment, it’s all about the matte effect.

OW: I like using the Garnier Fructis Style Work it! Twisted Clay.

GG: What are your favorite men’s fragrances?

OW: I love Terre d’Hermes because it has a great freshness, I spray Chanel L’Egoiste just after I’ve been to the gym and I feel like a new man and Dior’s Eau Sauvage is The Daddy –  it keeps me cool calm, and collected.

GG: Next big thing in male haircare?

OW: I love the 50’s rockabilly style at the moment and it’s everywhere in the East End/Soho. It’s even translating into women’s hair styles at the moment.

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