Lab Series’ MAX LS range gets a lift with two new products

LAB SERIES Power V LotionGood news for any men out there (and I’m certainly one of them) who are becoming a bit jowly and whose cheeks have decided to take a unsponsored journey southwards: Lab Series have just launched two new gravity-defying skincare products to tackle the problem of sagging skin.

Additions to the brand’s premium MAX LS range, the new Power V Lifting Serum and Power V Lifting Lotion both aim to improve the hydration of skin whilst firming it up slightly too. Featuring ingredients to support the skin’s natural collagen, speed up cell renewal and condition the skin, so it looks less wrinkly and saggy, they’re the perfect addition to the grooming routines of ‘men of a certain age’ like myself but equally as useful if you just want to hold off the effects of the ageing process for as long as possible too.

Used together (the serum is applied under the lotion) they’re a great way to protect the contours of you jawline and both sink into the skin in seconds, without leaving any residue or shine. Oh, and don’t worry – the effects are very subtle so you won’t feel, or look, like you’ve paid a sneaky visit to Mickey Rourke’s surgeon.

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Placenta Collagen drink anyone?

Collagen drinks  have been around for a while now (Shiseido do one called The Collagen) but I must confess I’ve not actually come across one until my other half brought some back from a business trip to Japan. This particular beauty supplement, delightfully named as it is, actually contains pig-derived placenta collagen, is flavourless and can be added to food or fluid to make your own collagen drink. Very handy. They’re huge in Japan and, at £2.50 a sachet don’t cost the earth either. I did dab a wet fingertip into one just to try but frankly, given its origin (and I mean the pig not Japan) I think I’d rather stick with the wrinkles.