Have Clinique, will travel.

cliniqueIf you want proof that great things really do come in small packages make sure you check out Clinique’s dinky new Travel Pros. A six-piece, reduced-sized travel kit it, features everything you need to look good on-the-go and even includes a teeny bottle of Clinique Happy For Men so you’ll always smell good too. My favourite product in the pack though has to be the positively Lilliputian Post Shave Soother which, at a mere 7cm tall, is possibly the cutest-looking grooming product you’ll ever see.

Available exclusively from Clinique Travel Retail Outlets worldwide.

Clinique make skincare even simpler

clinique1Clinique have always prided themselves on the simplicity of their men’s skincare range – whether that be the minimalist packaging or the easy-to-follow way the products dovetail together to form a basic routine. So it’s a bit of a surprise that they’ve felt the need to simplify things for their customer even further. But simplify they have, by ditching the tongue-twisting Skin Supplies For Men tag, renaming classic products like their M Lotion (it’s now simply ‘Moisturizing Lotion’) while updating some of the formulations and altering the packaging of products like the Aloe Shave Gel (revamped and renamed from M Shave Aloe Gel).

There are a few niggles (the Anti-Age Moisturiser could have included a sunscreen and I would have liked to have seen a Night Cream in the line up) but it still remains one of the best premium ranges to stock up on. In truth, this revamp is more of a tinkering around the edges rather than a radical overhaul of the range or an exercise in innovation (though we’re advised to watch this space on that front) but as with a gentleman’s wardrobe, a little refresh now and them never hurt anyone.  And if you’re into your skincare I can think of few better starting points than Clinique.

The new range, featuring 22 products, is available now. For more info go to cliniqueformen.co.uk

Nice products, shame about the name

mancaveTwo products have found their way on to my desk this week that manage to both delight an infuriate me. The first, is a rather good concealer (nice texture, colour and coverage and at £6.99 a great price) and the other is a new grooming range priding itself on its natural approach to skincare that smells great and is free of all the petrochemical industry’s natsy leftovers.

medium-shadeSo what’s my gripe? Well, for me, both products are let down by their names. Given that we now live in a positively post-metrosexual world, where using some kind of skincare (even if it’s just a face scrub) is pretty much part of most men’s lives it’s a shame that some companies still feel the need to heavily man-brand their products.

I know that blunt sign-posting is often necessary if your product is going to sit on a crowded supermarket shelf but surely Mancave can only be aimed at the ever-shrinking number of men who still think skincare is for sissies and need to be reassured that it’s still a butch –  nay, Neanderthal –  pursuit. And Mancealer is as daft a name as Guyliner, except the latter rolls off the tongue better.

I’ve personally always found the ‘man’ prefix superfluous and silly (though I still think the “For Men” tag has value for brands like Nivea, Clinique and L’Oreal who need to differentiate their men’s lines (often reformulated to suit men’s skin and its unique needs) from women’s. So come on guys, don’t spoil your perfectly good products with thoroughly daft names okay?

For more info about the Mancave grooming range see mancaveinc.com and to buy yourself a Mancealer go to manza.co.uk

Clinique have travel fatigue licked with their new Daily Revitalizers duo

Along with stress and a lack of sleep travel has to be one of the most draining things for skin. Thankfully, Clinique have come up with this handy ‘Daily Revitalizers’ duo to keep you looking half decent.

Available exclusively at airports and duty free locations, with an RRP of £31.37, it features a Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion (a classic moisturiser) and the latest addition to the Skin Supplies range – the Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel, which features a cooling rollerball delivery system. To buy the pair normally would set you back over £40 so if you spot the set on your travels (literally) then snap one up!

Clinique adds ratings and reviews fuction to website

clinique copyLet’s face it, if there’s one thing men like doing it’s expressing their opinions. So if you’re a fan of Clinique Skin Supplies For Men you’ll be thrilled to hear that the company have just added a review and rate function to their website.

Already a staple of other online grooming retailers like Amazon and Mankind, rating allows customers to pass judgement on their favourite products (and, so long as no heavy-handed censoring is involved, on their not-so-favourite ones too).

It’s a sound move in more ways than one since a new report by PR agency Weber Shandwick suggests that a quarter of  UK consumers make their purchasing decisions based on ‘online advocacy’. That’s an even greater influnece than friends and family.  Highlighting the declining influence of newspapers and magazines the survey also discovered that only 12% of people turned to these traditional media outlets for advice about buying products.

So next time you’re shopping online take a couple of minutes to give your opinion on your purchase. Just remember, though, that “smells like shit but delivers a supersmooth shave” might not get through.

To review and rate your Clinique heroes go to www.cliniqueformen.co.uk

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Insider interview: Clinique’s Dr Tom mammone

Dr. Tom Mammone 2

This week’s insider interview is with Dr Tom Mammone, Executive Director of Clinique Research & Development. One of the most knowledgeable and respected people in the industry, he’s happiest when dressed in a  white coat and fiddling away in the lab but they do let him out occasionally to educate grooming peeps like me about the latest developments in skincare.  So here are his insights into the fascinating world of male grooming….


GG: Best skin care tip for men?

TM: “Shave, shave, and shave. Shaving is a great exfoliation process. This should start with a hot wash with soap. The hotter the better as this opens up the pores and softens the hair.”


GG: What’s the most common mistake men make when it comes to skin care?

TM: “Not using daily SPF protection. There is NO harmless amount of sun exposure for the skin.  Even small daily amounts of UV exposure contribute to photo-ageing, alterations in the natural defense system, and sun damage is the leading cause of what we see as skin ageing. UVA rays penetrate clouds and even window glass so it is present every single day regardless of the weather. If you have to be in the sun for longer periods of time, be vigilant about sun protection and use sun protection that includes UVA and UVB sun screen.”


455027_fpx.tifGG: What’s your favourite fragrance?

TM: “Fresh cut grass and the ocean air. After that I would say Clinique Happy for Men which really crisp and not heavy like evening fragrances can be.”  


GG: Fantasy grooming product?

TM: “One of my fantasy products is a simple cream that would immediately remove body hair forever. I think many men suffer from too much hair on the face or body. And as we get older it pops up everywhere! We are investigating technology that could gentle remove these unwanted hairs in a very safe and permanent manner.“


GG: What’s the one male grooming product you couldn’t live without?

“Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense Hydrator SPF 15 – it’s everything in one handy tube! This is a great one stop shop for me, especially when travelling. It is a multi-purpose, anti-aging moisturiser that helps protect against sun damage and environmental assaults and helps lessen the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles. Everything I need in one tube.” 


GG: What’s the next big trend in male grooming?

TM “More and more research is demonstrating that men’s skin is clearly different than a women’s. Men’s skin has unique requirements and we were the first prestige brand to offer a comprehensive men’s skin care regime and as things move forward, we’ll see this ‘custom-fit’ approach continue to grow and develop.”


For more info on Clinique see www.cliniqueformen.co.uk

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