Yuzu Man – my favourite summer fragrance for 2011

Every year companies spend a fortune releasing summer versions of their top-selling fragrances but you don’t have to blindly follow the pack to Debenhams in search of Joop! ‘Sexy in Pink’ et al. Why not opt for something like Yuzu Man – the new fragrance from legendary fragrance house Caron?

Fresh, sparkling and citrussy (but not in a traditional way) it’s originality stems from the use of a note derived from the Japanese yuzu fruit, which is a bit like grapefruit or orange but different from either. There’s also a sweet hint of fig and a clean, crisp lemon grass note in there too making it absolutely for perfect for summer – should we actually have one.

Yuzu Man is available from Harrods, Les Senteurs and selected perfumeries priced £59.50 for 125ml eau de toilette.