Exclusive: Bulldog launch Original Body Lotion for men

BULLDOG BODY LOTIONMen might have come a long way in terms of looking after their faces but in many respects their bodies are the Amazon forest of male grooming: a largely unexplored territory and one in desperate need of preservation. So it’s a real joy to see one of my favourite British skincare brands, Bulldog, launch their Original Body Lotion for men.

Formulated with skin-saving aloe vera, cocoa butter and avocado oil and lightly fragranced with a blend of eight essential oils it hydrates skin a treat, smells great (but not in a way that will clash with any fragrance you’re wearing) and is quickly absorbed so it does’t stick your clothes. Importantly for men, it’s also lightweight enough not to get stuck in any body hair you may have. With an affordable pricepoint of £4.49 you don’t need to be skimpy with it either.

I’m a huge fan of Bulldog, not just because it flies the flag for British skincare, but because of its ethics (all its products are loaded with natural ingredients, free of chemical nasties like sodium laureth sulphate and none are tested on animals.) More than that, though, they’re fantastic value for money and actually work. I absolutely love this new addition to the range and reckon you will too.

Available from Sainsbury’s from May. For more information go to meetthebulldog.com

Anyone fancy a golden shower?

Ha! I bet when you read that headline you thought my account had been hacked into by some filthy pornographer right?

Well, no. One of my favourite British groomng brands, Bulldog, has actually gone and launched a brand new shower product called (cue sniggers) ‘Golden Shower Gel’. I know.

Can you imagine the meeting that took place to discuss the name? “Okay, so our new shower gel contains 24k gold leaf to exfoliate skin. Any suggestions?”
Exec 1: “I like the idea of a Golden Shower!”
Exec 2: “Mmmm, me too!”
Exec 3: “As a giver or a receiver?”

Still, I guess we must at least be thankful that the advertising slogan wasn’t ‘All Men Love a Golden Shower’. If that had been the case I’d have  probably wet myself.

Bulldog’s Golden Shower is available from April 1st. The launch date, I suspect, is very significant!

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