The Lynx Manwasher – the ultimate shower tool for men

If there’s one thing you can say about Lynx it’s that they’ve never stopped being witty, clever and innovative. Their advertising has always pushed the envelope (the fallen angels remains one of my fave grooming ads) as have their products.

And now, in that spirit, the team at Lynx have developed the ultimate shower tool for men: The Lynx Manwasher. An easy to use, dual-sided shower accessory, the Manwasher makes for a brilliant, palm-sized body exfoliator, replacing cumbersome luffas and brushes, and can be used in conjunction with Lynx shower gels to ensure you get squeaky clean.

One side features a textured scrubbing pad (making it perfect for tackling tough skin on heels, elbows and knees) while the other has a lathering micro-mesh “scrunchie” which ensures you get the most out of your shower gel. Not only does it help whip up a fantastic lather (making your gel go further in the process) it also gently removes dead skin cells, polishing skin and leaving it smooth, soft and conditioned.

So whether you’re scrubbing up for an important date, interview or after a muddy Saturday afternoon five-aside the Lynx Manwasher is the perfect way to feel clean, confident and 100% fresh.

The Lynx Manwasher is available at retailers nationwide priced £3.99. For more information, special offers and other fun Lynx stuff go to


Men’s Health Grooming Awards 2009

awards pic copyOh, I know you’re probably suffering voter fatigue at the moment but let’s not forget that it isn’t just those inconsequential things like the European Parliament that you can vote for – you can also vote for things that really matter like Britain’s best moisturiser and your all-time favourite fragrance.

Yes, voting is now open in the annual Men’s Health Grooming Awards. Held in association with leading grooming retailer it’s the perfect chance for you to give gongs to your favourite grooming gear. What’s more, to ensure a good turnout everyone who votes gets a chance to win Mankind goodies worth £250, while five others will win £50 Mankind vouchers. Now why didn’t Gordon Brown think of that kind of incentive?

To vote click here.

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