Don’t be a disaster when it comes to sun protection – be a triumph instead!

NO DICEThe other day I wrote a piece about how rubbish men are at protecting their skin from the sun (you can read it here) but what I forgot to mention is that, sometimes, what puts men off sun protection products is the way those products actually smell and feel.

Things have improved massively since the days of claggy creams that stank to high heaven and got matted in your body hair, of course, but many brands still have a few, er, “issues” with their products (there’s a Nivea spray I used to use religiously until I realised it had a faint whiff of chicken jalfrezi, for example).

Anyway, New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster sent me their No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen For The Face to try the other day and I must say I’m rather impressed. Light as a feather, it’s totally non-greasy, doesn’t leave any visible residue on the skin and is virtually odourless too. Offering factor 50 protection (and with rather cool packaging to boot) it’s now become one of my favourite summer skincare essentials.


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Grooming Guru Essentials: Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser

vitaman-face--body-cleanser-250mlSometimes you don’t need to say much more about a product than “I love it” to get your point across. And I love Vitaman’s Face & Body Cleanser. I’ve only recently started using it’s already a firm favourite of mine, mainly for the wonderfully fresh way it smells. The key ingredient, it turns out, is lemon myrtle oil – derived from a plant that grows in the Austalian rainforests and used by indigenous Australians for both cooking and healing. It smells a bit like the lemon balm I grow in my garden which is probably why I love it and it certainly makes a refreshing alternative to straight-forward citrus body washes. The cleanser itself doesn’t leave skin dry and tight either. Recommended.

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Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

The Great Groom Off: The Grooming Guru v Will Fennell

I’ve given lots of interviews in the ten years or so I’ve been writing about male grooming but the one conducted by Australian Beauty & Grooming Expert Will Fennell for DNA magazine has definitely been the most fun.

More a playful game of tag than an interview I found it hugely entertaining to take part in (and as a journalist I don’t say that often) and though being pictured next to Will was always going to leave me looking decidedly like ‘the ugly friend’ I thought I’d share it with you anyway. So if you fancy reading it click DNA INTERVIEW 147. And no, that’s not my quote about the flashlight by the way!