Groomed to perfection: the Super 8 Skin Saviour Balm

groomed_super8 (1) Without doubt this year’s big grooming trend (apart from facial hair) is the rise of the multi-functional product. As belts tighten and spare time becomes increasingly scarce products that cover several bases are becoming increasingly popular and more relevant.

Already this year we’ve had Lab Series’ excellent PRO-LS All-In-One Face Treatment and next month sees the launch of Molton Brown’s 4-in-1 Sportwash. And here’s another worth checking out.  Groomed’s Super 8 Skin Saviour Balm is a product designed to soothe razor burn, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, energise dull skin, moisturise, provide anti-oxidant protection, refine pores, combat blemishes and mattify skin.

In fairness, a couple of these features are built in to some products without them even flagging up the fact and any good moistuiser will help minimise wrinkles but it’s still a pretty good product and at £4 for 50ml, reasonably priced too. The texture’s great, it’s not overly-fragranced and its instant cooling effect also makes it a great morning-after-the-night-before refresher – something I discovered when I tried it for the first time this morning. Just a shame it can’t get rid of the hangover too…

Available from Asda.


How not to make a complete tit of yourself

Most of the unsolicited emails I get from PRs (not to mention a few of the solicited ones) are absolute bollocks  but one I got today from the ASDA PR instantly attracted my attention for it read: “George at ASDA prevent men’s beer bellies.” And not only that, they can help with your moobs too.

The solution, dear readers, is the Body Sculpt Vest, a countouring garment for men which claims to give you an instant six pack (I’ll believe that when I see it) and manage your moobs. Now, my own man breasts might not be on a par with that cleaning woman from I’m A Celebrity but I’m certainly at trainer bra status so can’t wait to give this a go. And it’s only £7 too!  All I need now is a pair of contouring pants to reduce the size of my…

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