Biotherm Homme signs up David Beckham as brand ambassador

David Beckham official shotBiotherm Homme have a bit of a chequered history in the UK. Big on the continent, they made a concerted effort to crack the British male skincare market several years ago before slinking back into the shadows, to the point where a drop down menu of countries on their site doesn’t even include the UK. Which is a great shame because the products are really rather good and sometimes extremely innovative (the Total Recharge range is great). You can still track down the products online  – on Amazon for example – and you might want to investigate them when you’re abroad and the brand is to get a bit of a recognition boost thanks to the addition of none other than David Beckham as their brand ambassador. Check out the video below…

Braun announces José Mourinho as its first ever global ambassador

It seems that no brand can do without a famous face these days (it’s tough out there remember and a name can get  you noticed) and latest to get in on the act is Braun, who today announced  José Mourinho as its first ever global ambassador for its electric shaver range.

“Since the beginning I promised myself that I wouldn’t just do brand partnerships for the money,” he says. “First of all I do them because I feel something with the product. Braun is a brand that I like. It’s a brand with prestige. They think I am good for their image. I also think being connected with Braun is good for my image. It’s a good partnership.”  It’s a good call if you ask me (at least it’s not some c-list male actor right?)

TV ads will appear next month, accompanied by a ad campaign shot by Rankin no less. Here’s a little behind the scenes vid taken on the photo shoot, featuring the ex-Chelsea manager talking about style, shaving, family and – of course –  football.