Armani unveils Ronaldo campaign

Having exploited the torsos of some of the world’s best looking sportsmen over the years (including our very own Becks) Giorgio Armani have just unveiled this image of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for their new jeans campaign. Given his penchant for sunbathing it’s probably just as well it’s in black and white or he’d be the Oompa Loompa of advertising. It’s actually a fab pic, spolit only by the appearance of a rather overworked eyebrow – the like of which I’ve not seen since Joan Crawford graced the screen in Mildred Pierce.

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Jude Law new face of Dior Homme Intense & Homme Sport

_Dior have just announced that Jude Law is to be the face of Dior Homme Intense & Dior Homme Sport in the UK. Directed by  Jonas Ǻkerlund and shot in LA and London, the new TV ad’s most impressive attribute (apart from the surprising thickness of its star’s hair) is the accompanying music – a stirling performance of Joy Division’s Shadowplay  by The Killers. Personally, I’d have signed up Brandon Flowers himself  to front it but I’m sure Jude fans will be thrilled. The campaign kicks off in earnest in November but here’s a behind-the-scenes taster for you.

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Josh Holloway does it again!

207Few fragrances are quite as iconic as Davidoff’s Cool Water – a scent that has achieved true icon status and inspired a raft of (markedly inferior) imitators since it first hit the shelves  back in 1988. Leading fragrance expert Roja Dove describes it as a ‘landmark launch’ and even as it comes of age, it remains one of the most recognisable and wearable men’s fragrances there is. In recent times, the brand has become synonymous with the face (and body) of Lost star Josh Holloway and fans of a well-honed pair of pecs can rest assured that the hugely successful relationship will continue. Yep, he’s just renewed his contract with parent company Coty Prestige for a brand new ad campaign and as these behind-the-scenes shots show, the King of Cool is still in fine fettle. Enjoy!




Oh, and here’s the finished ad! Not exactly what you’d call ugly is he?

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